Product Match Up: Glimmer Mist and Simply Sheer – Dream, Live, Life Art Journal

Have you joined the agenda and journal craze?  We are all getting into it and kind of getting addicted we have to admit.  Each journal is so personal from the color choices and design style to the special words, inspirational sayings and little touches.  If you are looking for a fun creative outlet and have not attempted a personal journal or daily agenda you will be inspired to do so on the blog today where Linda walks you through the steps to create a colorful journal.  Don’t worry if these colors are not for you, we have hundred’s to choose from, check out Tattered Angels entire Glimmer Mist Collection and Simply Sheer 

Glimmer Mist is a water-based mist paint that is filled with wonderful color and tiny shavings of metallic mica that swim in the mist.  Each bottle is created from a secret recipe and is filled with immense color and shine.  Glimmer Mist was the first mistable, craft paint on the market and the brand and the paints are still going strong today.  Unlike many of the competitors who have come and gone, Glimmer Mist is still made the same way it always has, it is made in the USA and no corners are cut.  Glimmer Mist is a terrific option for tinting, dying and adding color to just about any surface including canvas, silk, cotton, burlap, raw wood, cork, drywall, particle board, terra-cotta, elastic, lace, ribbon, paper, book board, chipboard and more.  While it is not the perfect choice for slick surfaces like metal, glass and plastic (choose High Impact or Decor and DIY Paint), it will work for just about any porous or textured surface.  Glimmer Mist is water-based and is not designed to permanently dye clothing or washable article, the color will remain in any unwashed items without the need for a top-coat.  When misting raw wood, you don’t even need to sand, prime or wipe of the mist, just mist and let it dry, it is that easy.  For fabric items that might shrink up a bit when misted due to the water, you can let it dry and iron out with great results.  

Glimmer Mist was the first paint in the Tattered Angels Collection and was a hit with the vibrant colors and the addition of mica in every bottle, Simply Sheer was introduced without mica as the prefect choice for adding color when that touch of glimmer just won’t do.  The same great formula as Glimmer Mist, but simple and sheer!!!!

You can create your journal in one color palette or choose to do each page differently.  Linda walks you through this amazing pastel palette, which would be perfect for a painted layout, card, book cover and more.  Enjoy.

Hi, I’m Linda and this is an art journaling page on how to live our life, dare to dream and to live your dream…

Materials & Supplies:

  • Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist: MarigoldPink Poodle
  • Tattered Angels Simply Sheer: Birthday Party
  • Canvas Corp Burlap: Aqua, Ivory
  • Canvas Corp Black Cord
  • Blank journal or old book, Gesso; Modeling paste; Homemade Stencils with feathers; Mod Podge; glasbeans; A good black pen and a white pen; pence; spray bottle with water, Alphabet Stickers or Stamps


Apply a coat of gesso to the pages (you favorite gesso will work perfectly) of a blank journal, old book, book board.  Cut the burlap into small pieces and use Mod Podge to glue the burlap onto the pages.  You can also add pieces of printed papers, textures special papers to your pages with the Mod Podge.


I “painted” around the page with the Mod Podge and sprinkeld on some glasbeans, which stick right to the Mod Podge.


On the other page, I drew a circle and dipped the rope into some Mod Podge and layered it on top of the circle.


Create features from white cardstock, these are drawn free-hand or you can use a feather stencil or feather paper like this one from Canvas Corp, which you can cut out and add to the page with modeling paste. Let all dry completely.

step2To add the pastel water-color look, combined sprays of mist and water (one spray of water and one spray of mist) and worked in many layers to get the colors right. To help the colors to get where I wanted, I used a good paintbrush. I did this on both pages, but not inside the circle. I used a wet paper towel to wash of any color on the feathers.   The colors will blend and mix to make new colors and really give the pages a great look.


After the page is complete dry, use both a pencil and a white pen to draw around the feathers to make them pop.


Draw a line from the dream catcher circle to each feather with your pencil or black pen depending on how much you wish them to stand out.  You can add touches of pearls to the lines for an added touch.

step4Glue alphabet stickers on and sealed it with mod lodge.  You can also stamp your works with pigment ink onto the burlap and paper.  “Don’t Dream Your Life Live Your Dream!!!”


The circle is transformed into a dream catcher by sketching in the look of woven cords with the black marker over the pencil and glue on glasbeans onto the sections where the sketched lines meet.

With the black marker you can add additional words, thoughts and dreams.


Create the rest of the pages in your journal to match this look by adding pieces of burlap, touches of feathers and special words. As you complete each page let them dry completely.

Be inspired to start an art journal, personal journal or painted agenda and start capturing those special moments.

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Happy creating!


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