Revamping my outdoor Sun with High Impact Paints

Hello everyone it’s Patti here with a little different project than my norm.  I had this weathered metal outdoor sun that used to hang on the side of our house when we lived in Southern Utah and moved with us to now reside on our front yard fence in SW Washington State.  The elements, whether the intense sun from Utah or rain and wind in Washington have taken their toil so I decided my Sun needed a facelift!

Here’s my guy, you can see he’s pretty big probably 3 1/2′ across.  He still looks good but he’s showing his age.  I decided an uplift might be just the thing to breathe new life into him.  I wanted something that was easy to apply, durable and could withstand the elements.  That’s where Tattered Angels High Impact Paint came into play.

I set him up on some saw-horses in the back yard, much easier to clean up any mess on grass than cement.  You’ll see on the video, I’ve taken photos throughout the process and will narrate what I’ve done instead of hauling the laptop, tripod and video camera outside as well.  This is a new technique for me but one I think you’ll enjoy and still get the complete process of changing the old Sun to the new.
The link to the video is at the bottom of the post.

I think one of the biggest challenges was choosing the paint colors, there are 35 choices in the Canvas Corp Store to pick from.  And, if that’s not enough you can mix a little of this with a little of that to create a whole new line of personalized colors to fit any project.  If you want more of wash effect add a little more water, if you want it to really cover use it straight from the jar.  Don’t be alarmed when your paint arrives.  It’s a small bottle, 1.35 ounces but I only used 1 1/2 bottles on my big Sun!  It’s amazing stuff.  I used a combination of Copper and Antique Gold for the most part.  I did try to use the Rose Gold on the bottom swings of the metal but to me it was just too pink.  I really wanted to use the Aqua but again, just couldn’t bring myself to mess up the Copper and Gold, another project, another time.

I started with the Copper, it’s my favorite of the colors so far.  I did use a pallet at times and other times I just dumped paint directly onto the metal and went from there.  I used a couple of medium sized brushes, maybe an inch across.  Again, your project, your preferences, whatever feels right to you.  With this paint you don’t need to sand or prime the surface just jump right in with both feet and begin the fun!

Here’s the beginning, when my brush was wet from just taking it from the water.  You can see a lot of the weathered looks on the face came through the paint.  You know how they say a crafter just doesn’t know when to stop, well that was my problem.  I really really liked this look but I had to keep doing a little bit more.  It’s not that I don’t like how he turned out, I just liked him better at some of the stages he went through.  Hindsight is such a marvelous thing.  This paint also cleans up with just soap and water, no stinky solvents to get everything back in order.

I was so taken aback by how this product covers and how it dries, it really is something you could use on anything around the house you wanted to breathe new life into.  It’s available in Metallic, like the Gold above and Pigment paint colors and the best part, yes it’s made in the USA!!!!

Here’s my guy, all dressed up in his new Gold and Copper coat.  He looks pretty spiffy don’t you think?  I hope you’ll come join me on the video where I’ll walk you through the whole process with a lot more photos.  It’s such a fun, fast way to change up something that’s just been hanging around saying paint me paint me.  I hope you’ll give the High Impact Paints a try today.


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'Revamping my outdoor Sun with High Impact Paints' have 2 comments

  1. July 3, 2018 @ 2:36 pm Barbara

    Love the colors you choose for your sun. I have two very large suns like yours, now my head is spinning with ideas! Great project, thank you for sharing.?


    • July 3, 2018 @ 3:03 pm Patti Senter

      Barbara you’ll love that paint for your outside projects. The hardest part is picking which color. I’m anxious to see how it handles the weather through the winter. Have fun. Patti


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