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Rustic Wooden Keyhole – it’s not what you think!!!

As crafters, we are inspired by so many things around us – nature, our kids and families, things we see on TV and, probably most often, by what the internet has in store for us. Our Crew member, Karen Crossen found her new idea on Pinterest when she found a gorgeous grungy and rusty wooden keyhole. Long story short, she sat down to her crafting table and here’s the result!

In my art room closet, I keep some favorite wood pieces that I have a hard time using as project bases because I am a little afraid to ruin them. But I was so inspired by a picture of a rusty keyhole on Pinterest, that I finally had the right piece to create and the guts to dive in on one of those perfect pieces! I knew my Tattered Angels wouldn’t let me down!!

Materials used:
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – Metallic White

Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze – Aloha Green, Satchel and Java
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Silver Sugar, Cork, It’s Brown, Apricot Jelly (discontinued), Partridge in a Pear Tree, It’s Yellow
Tattered Angels Plain Jane Baseboard – Cardboard
Tattered Angels Plain Jane Stained Glass – Orange
Canvas Corp natural canvas sheet
gesso, brown stock paper
grey paint, cream colored paint, crackle paste
Ultimate Glue, Pitt Pen
Scissors, paint brushes, printer

First find a piece of wood that you like the shape and size for your project. This one that I used is a 2×6 that had an interesting edge. It had been left outside for a little while to get that great gray, weathered look. You can use Glimmer Glaze in Satchel and Java to create a deeper looking weathered look. They really enhanced the texture of the wood. Mix the colors together and wipe onto the wood piece!
(Plus, the bottom right is the inspirational picture that I found on Pinterest, just in case you wanted to see it!)

Gesso a piece of Canvas Corp canvas. When it is dry, cut out the shape of the keyhole plate. Flip it over and put the gesso side down – the gesso gives the canvas a stiffer feeling. Paint the non-gesso side with a gray paint. Then take out your Baseboard in Cardboard and your Glimmer Mist in Cork. Following the colors on the inspiration piece, paint the Cardboard Mist on with a paint brush in the places that you want to be darker. Go over the baseboard with the Glimmer Mist. Then mix together High Impact Metallic White, Plain Jane Stained Glass in Orange and Glimmer Mist in Partridge in a Pear Tree and paint where you want the lighter colors to be. It starts to look like a crazy camouflage!

Use Glimmer Glaze in Java to paint the ‘screws’ and around the edge of the canvas. Fill in the spaces with Glimmer Mist in Partridge in a Pear Tree. Use a little Glimmer Glaze in Aloha Green for that rusted copper look and add in a little bit of It’s Yellow Glimmer Mist. Keep playing around here. You might end up with layers of paint, but it will look more realistic in the end!! Use a black pen to color in the actual keyhole itself! Use the black pen to go around the outer edge of the canvas piece so that no light canvas color is showing!

Finally, we can get the wooden piece ready for the background! Mix a little cream colored paint with crackle paste and go around the outside of where your keyhole is going to be glued to the wood and let it dry. Use the extra paint around the edges. When the paint is dry, use Glimmer Mist in Silver Sugar, Cork and Orange Stained Glass to ‘dirty’ up the cream paint! Print out the sentiment on brown cardstock. Cut it up and glue it down to the wood. Also, glue down the canvas keyhole when the paint is all dry. And you are done!

So this my Pinterest project that I found challenging – turned out that adding my own twist to it, made it such a fun make!
What’s your ‘wish I could make this’ crafty idea? Have a go at it and let me know how it went in the comments below!

Be brave with your crafting!

– Karen Crossen –
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    Very nice project! Love the quote! 🙂


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