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Tattered Angels Projects on Wood

In case you missed our faboulus designteam projects for november and december where we worked on wood and glass- we decided to repost some of our faboulus design team projects. I asked the design team to send me their favorite project from those two months. And here they are: the favorites of Tattered Angels Products…


Happy New Year

Welcome 2011 and new friends as Tattered Angels celebrates with a new improved web site and glimmering shades on canvas. The texture of canvas is a perfect fabric to show off the best of your Glimmer Mist, Glaze or Glam. Sheets of canvas are fun to play with and can be framed in different forms like this old…


Under Full Canvas Into The New Year

Sailors use the saying “under full canvas” to mean with maximum speed and energy. So here at Tattered Angels it is full steam ahead into the new year with canvases. Let me put my canvases out. Let me start with a wallhanging Canvas I did for my friends C&C. They just married in December and…

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