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How To Paint Your Own Tile – Tattered Angels High Impact Paint

Looking for the perfect paint to paint tile, ceramic, glass, metal, wood, fabric or you get it, this paint covers many surfaces in an amazing way. Unlike traditional acrylic paints with matte finish, Tattered Angels High Impact Paints have a slight sheen to them and a special formula that allows them to adhere to a wide range of surfaces. For best results not matter what surface, apply a thin, light coat and allow it to dry then apply additional coats allowing them to dry between coats until you get the desired color and look. Crew Member, Priya Satish shows us how to create your own “ceramic tiles,” but on wood with amazing color, vibrance and style. You can paint them to match your decor, make them look vintage or keep the colors fresh. High Impact Paint comes in a wide range of colors and you can mix them to create even more colors. No need for a base coat or a top coat. All you need is Tattered Angels High Impact paint.

“A few days back, I had gone for vacation and the place where I stayed had some interesting and colourful tiles in the kitchen. The patterns were intriguing and beautiful.”

So I have replicated one such ceramic tile simple pattern, but on an MDF wood base with Tattered Angels High Impact Paints. And I’m one person who loves to explore with colors. So I mixed some to get new shades of color. You can store the new colors in airtight bottles if you make a larger amount. With the primary colors you can create just about any color you desire. Red + Blue = Purple; Yellow + Blue = Green and Red + Yellow = Orange and then you can keep going and going.

tile hanger, upcycling, high impact paint, tattered angels, hand painted tiles, home decor

Products used:
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Camlin White Gesso
MDF Wood Tile
Fine Art Synthetic Taklon Round Brush 3
Pencil, Fevicol(indian Brand Glue), Hook

tile hanger, upcycling, high impact paint, tattered angels, hand painted tiles, home decor
  • Clean the MDF wood base with a tissue paper and apply a coat of Camlin White gesso. It is not required to apply gesso or a base to all surfaces, but it will help even out the surface.
  • Draw the pattern on the tile. You can trace one or try free hand.
  • Painted the tile with Tattered Angels High Impact Paints Red, Blue, Yellow and Green – mix the colors to create more of yellow with green to get this beautiful lime green color. And mixed more yellow with little red to get Orange shade.
  • Allow each door to dry a bit completely and then decorate the tile with dots to finish it.
  • Attatched a hook to the back of the tile to make it like a hanger.

So if you love the look of ceramic tile and want to create your own you can print directly onto a plain ceramic tile, onto a piece of mdf, a piece of wood or even glass. Each will have a bit of a different look, but the paint dries to a shine that looks like fired ceramic and it is very coo.

Priya Satish
You can also paint ceramic knobs and get the same great look.

Happy Creating


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  1. February 22, 2019 @ 1:39 am Marie Johansson

    This is a really fun project! Thank you for sharing Priya!


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