Turquoise Tea & Coffee Letterblock Tray

What is your favorite color these days? Ours is still turquoise. While we are also kind of in love with olives and navy right now, turquoise is still one of our favs.  Here is a fun little tray you can make for your favorite coffee and/or tea lover – friend, sister or maybe it is you.  The new Beans and Bags Collection by Canvas Corp is all about coffee and tea and is such a fun line to work with. The vintage spoons are ready to be painted to look old, kept as they are or painted with a pop of color.  The rest of the collection is filled with ivory and black and kraft and black prints that look amazing with a touch of color. This project shows you fun ways to add touches of color to your neutral craft products to create a tray in your favorite hue. The touches of kraft and ivory give just a bit of relief where it is needed and tie the tray together.

IMG_2696What you will need:

Tools needed: paper cutter, scissors, tiny paint brush, flat larger paint brush

To get started, you will prepare all your papers, fabric and solid papers to turn them turquoise in one way or another.

IMG_2704Start by shaking and pouring some of the Chalkboard Paint into a small cup. We like to swirl it around mixing up the glimmer in this paint and the colors with the brush with each stroke.

IMG_2722Let’s start with the Coffee & Tea Labels on Ivory where we brushed on the Chalkboard paint with a wide flat brush – this gives it a hand painted feel.  You can mist the paint on if you like, the results will be similar and the color will be exact.  You can also watercolor in parts of the artwork if you want to get more detailed.  You can paint the entire piece or paint parts and use some in ivory and black and others in turquoise and black.


Using a more detailed brush, you can add color to the Black & Ivory Tea Cups Reverse , where you wish – you can paint all the cups or do just a handful.

IMG_2717Color in the Ivory & Black Spoons paper with the Glimmer Glam paints. These paints come with a brush and are like nail polish, but for crafting and there is not that nail polish smell.  Available in a wide range of colors, this is our go-to paint when we want to color in and out of the lines.  We also watercolored some of the spoons with the Chalkboard Paint.  Painting them with a variety of colors gives a nice contrast in your tray.  When they are dry, cut out 3-4 of your favorites and then save the rest for the cards we will show you at the end (we just could not trash the left overs, so we made cards).

IMG_2716Stamp the Cutlery stamp directly onto the Turquoise and White paper – this gives a vibrant color to the stamped items, you can leave them in squares for your tray or you will see where we cut them out and added them, either will work wonderfully.

IMG_2714Create an old wallpaper look by painting the Turquoise and Ivory Damask paper with White High Impact paint.  This paint will only allow a bit of the paper to show through and with two coats you will cover it completely.  One coat let’s the turquoise peek through and blend with the rest of the papers.


We are having fun painting white c-flute the combination of water and Chalkboard paint gives way to the flutes and creates a really great look.  While wet smash down the flutes in various places as you paint with a flat blush to get this look.  You can paint the entire piece turquoise blue or you can let some of the white show through.  Let this dry completely.


Now, you are all set with all your pieces and parts to create your tray.  The tray is a blend of papers from the Beans and Bags collection, the newly painted turquoise papers and fabric and assorted turquoise items from Canvas Corp.  We will walk you through some of the details of our tray, but you can feel free to mix and match the papers, painted papers, fabric and burlap pieces to create your tray, choosing the art that speak so you.


You can use the Glimmer Glam to add a touch of color on the kraft printed papers too, the color will come out darker, but the tone is the same and it gives another turquoise to add to the mix.  The new 7gypsies Lace was also misted with the Chalkboard paint to let it coordinate with the collection.  Tattered Angels Mists will tint or color just about any surface that is not super smooth.

IMG_2765Cut the various backgrounds to fill each of the spaces randomly. This will give your tray texture a touches of turquoise in various place.

IMG_2763The fabric that comes in the Beans and Bags Mix and Match Pad (or use  the fabric in a 13×17 version) can but fussy cut and tinted to match your color story too. Then, add the place setting with 7gypsies Cutlery. They are tiny, but real metal silverware that look great.

IMG_2764The touches of kraft throughout the tray give it an added richness. We love mixing the ivory and kraft papers and the additional hint of turquoise tops it off.  Cut the stamped silverware out to make this threesome.  We also fussy cut the larger spoons and tied them together with the cording.  The painted fluted paper is fun to work with, you don’t have to just glue it straight in, you can actually cut it a bit bigger and it will round and fit it so that some of the squares have a nice dimension.


Your finished tray is the perfect backdrop for your next coffee break or tea with the girls or…

IMG_2739… hang it on the wall in the kitchen or next to the coffee pot.

IMG_2733We love how great the tray turned out with all the different textures and papers, but we had lots of great scrap left over, so we picked out a few more papers and envelopes to make cards:


Making cards with Canvas Corp papers is so easy. The heavy cardstock paper is just the right weight and the one sided print makes it an instant card ready to be decorated your way.  The cards were made with goodies left over from the tray except on the Bon Ami card we added – “Good Friend” and stamped the cutlery stamp onto the envelope flaps. The stamp looks great on paper and canvas.
IMG_2785The ensemble looks great. If this is a gift, pair your tray with a matching card with your left over goodies.

Happy Creating!!!


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