“Villa Villekulla” Mixed Media Birdhouse With Some TCW

Does the name ‘Villa Villekulla’ bring any childhood memories to mind?  Maybe you were a Pippi Longstocking fan, read all the books or read all the books to your kids.  Villa Villekulla is the fictional house where Pippi lived with her horse and monkey, Mr. Nilsson.  A gingerbread style home was created for the tv series from long ago with bright and cheerful colors and details.  Crew Member, Mandy Leever-Koel, recreates her version of this wonderful little home for her match up project with The Crafter’s Workshop and CCB the entire month of February.  Members of the CCB crew exchanged goodies with the TCW design team and we let the magic begin.  Her version created the perfect place for little birds to live.

“Ville Villekulla”

‘I was so excited when I found out I was selected to join in a MATCHUP with The Crafter’s Workshop and CCB!’  – Mandy

The challenge was to play with products from The Crafter’s Workshop and see how they worked with my CCB products.  A chance to play and see what happens, what fun…..Most of the projects I create I used stencils and thicker mediums, I was in my element. Imagine my excitement upon opening the MATCHUP box and uncovering my treasures! Stencils in 2 sizes with the most gorgeous designs and 5 delicious mediums to try! Topped off with some various colorful Canvas Corp Brands papers and 4 lovely glimmer mists, as well as, a bottle of Glimmer Glam.

I had already started playing and experimenting before I finally had a clever idea of what my project would be and how I could showcase the different materials….. how about a BIRDHOUSE?  I had this birdhouse for 3, sitting around and thought it could use a facelift, so why not.

Used Materials Canvas Corp Brands:

Canvas Corp Papers: Black & Ivory Paris Coral & Ivory Bog Dot reverse Yellow & Ivory Lattice

Canvas Corp Canvas Fabric

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists: AppleLeap Frog MarmaladeSummer Glow

Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam: Bon Bon

Used Materials The Crafter’s Workshop:

Stencils: Mini Woven 570S Mini Corazon 652S Mini Sweet Posey 632S Mini Butterflight 589S

Mediums: Black Gesso Gold Gesso Light & Fluffy Modeling paste Gel Medium

Other materials:  birdhouse, moss, metal filigree corner ornaments, 3 circular wood frames, white web-like fabric, stem, bird, owl, branches, berries, flowers.


Find/buy/thrift/recycle or maybe make a birdhouse 🙂 It can be wooden, plastic, metal, no worries it will be covered up.  


Cut the Canvas Corp Brands paper “Coral & Ivory Big Dot Reverse” to size to fit the front, and adhere it with The Crafter’s Workshop “Gel Medium”. It worked like a dream! Dries very quickly and thoroughly.

Next, brush The Crafter’s Workshop “Gold Gesso” over the entire surface. Not too neatly. I love the ancient gold tone of this product and the shabby effect it gives! With a hint of shimmer. This is really my new favorite product for aging!


Give the backside the same treatment: cut the Canvas Corp Brands “Yellow & Ivory Lattice” paper to fit the backside. Where the door is, allow it to open by cutting and folding. Afhere with The Crafter’s Workshop ‘Gel Medium” and brush The Crafter’s Workshop “Gold Gesso” over the surface.


Part of the Match Up was to try the products on a wide range of CCB surfaces, so paper was easy, but how would the gesso work on canvas, so I applied The Crafter’s Workshop “Gold Gesso” in sloppy strokes onto a piece of neutral Canvas Corp Brands canvas fabric and it worked very well, giving the natural fabric a wonderful gold tone.

Apply TCW “Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste” through the mini TCW stencil “Sweet Posey”. Wow. This stuff really is light and fluffy. I had some modeling paste at home that was like chewing gum. But this is very creamy. The outcome is very sharp though. And the best part is, if you dry it with your heat tool immediately, it becomes blown-up and fluffy!

I like to spray my Tattered Angels glimmermists before removing the stencil, for a sharper result, color wise.  Here I used “Marmalade”, “Apple” and “Summer Glow”.

Once dry, cut around the edges of the pattern.


Brush TCW “Gold Gesso” on a section of Canvas Corp Brands : Black & Ivory Paris.”  The art shows through beautifully on the paper.  You can also mist with Glimmer Mist for a more translucent look.

Using TCW “Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste” and the TCW Mini Stencil “Corazon”, apply onto a piece of the paper from the picture above.

Mist the pattern before removing the stencil, using Tattered Angels glimmermist”Marmalade”, Apple” and “Summer Glow”. I wanted the heart to stand out more, so I gave that a coat of clear crackle medium.  The papers are cut to fit the sides of the birdhouse.

Attach it to the right side of the birdhouse, using TCW “Gel Medium”.


Wanting to see how the TCW “light and Fluffy Modeling Paste” would perform on wood, I merely coated the left side with TCW “Gold Gesso”, then applied the modeling paste through TCW mini stencil “Woven”. Dried it and watched it go puffy again, then sprayed my Tattered Angels glimmermists onto the pattern. “Apple”, “Marmalade” and “Summer Glow”.

Using more than one Glimmer Mist color together that are in your color palette will give you a terrific look in seconds.  Just mist and let the colors slightly overlap.


For the roof I used some TCW “Black Gesso” and Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam “Bonbon”, to age it more. I glued some real moss underneath the edges and in the low points.  You can create a lot of faux finish looks with Tattered Angels and now I see, with TCW products.


Use Tattered Angels Glimmermist “Leap Frog” and “Apple” to color this white, open fabric.

Just the fabric, not your fingers 😉 Oooops…  You can use it to color lace, cheese cloth and other natural fibers in a snap.

Cut that ‘fabric’ and attach bits underneath the canvas circle, but before glueing it all onto the birdhouse, cut a hole in the circle to keep the birdhouse’s entrance open. Dry brush some TCW “Gold Gesso” over the fabric, to make it less green.


Color some wood circular frames with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam “Bon Bon” and glue them around the birdhouse’s entrance holes.
Attach some moss.  Small touches like this help to finish off your project magically.  The Glam adds a touch of chunky glitter that is so cool.


Using some scraps of the used paper, paint them with TCW “Gold Gesso” and let dry.  If you don’t use it all, stash it away for later, there are so many things to make…Next, apply TCW “Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste” through the TCW mini stencil “Butterflight”. (The picture shows a blend that didn’t turn out good, I just used TCW Modeling Paste here. and not onto the canvas as shown here.
Those butterflies looked like poo :P)

Spray them in different shades of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. “Apple”, “Marmalade” and “Summer Glow”.

Fussy cut around the butterflies and attach two medium sizes onto each other, with a stem made of wrapped iron, creating feelers and a spring coil. Color the white bits with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist “Leap Frog”.

Attach the butterflies where desired.

Next, time to embellish “Villa Villekulla”. (Because of all its colors and the quirky shape, this birdhouse reminds me of Pippi Longstockings house, Villa Villekulla.) Attach some branches, berries, flowers and leaves here and there. Add some moss. Attach a little bird and grumpy owl and attach 3 little filigree metal corners in the 3 tops.

Use Tattered Angels Glimmermists and TCW “Gold Gesso” to get the colors you like and give it a more coherent feel.

You can pick up the little birds and flowers at your local craft shop, don’t forget to check out the floral department for special touches to add to your birdhouse.

‘Well hello owl, has anyone told you you look exactly like someone named Bert, who lives in Sesame Street?’ – Mandy

The combination of products truly brought together my vision for this project.  While I started just playing around, it was fun to see it all come together with the perfect touch of color, shimmer and glimmer.

Look around your craft supplies for jewelry pieces, metal accents that you can use to decorate you new little home.

Create you own doily style decor with a stencil, medium and glimmer mist – just let dry and fussy cut in a
doily style around the stencil.

If you don’t have a metal roof on your birdhouse, create one, use fluted paper, make shingles or another fun
look with paper and paint, so much fun.

Sometimes we only decorate the front of our projects, but an object like this sweet birdhouse needs a little attention on all sides, so have fun and try some different things, there are no rules, just fun.

The areas stenciled with the dimensional mediums look like works of art, wall art for  your little home.

For more of Mandy’s work, visit her blog Less is Bore! Or find her on Facebook or Instagram.

We hope you enjoy this match up as much as we have enjoyed playing with all the great products from Jaime and her team at The Crafter’s Workshop.  Spend the next few weeks with us exploring many unique techniques and inspiration when we combine products from The Crafters Workshop, Tattered Angels and Canvas Corp.  We will be giving away an exciting prize at then end of this adventure that could be yours and here is all you need to do.

tcwccbmatchup prize

Over $50 worth of CCB and TCW goodies to one lucky winner.

What would a match up be without a fun prize!!!!  Here is your chance to get your hands on a wonderful collection of products from The Crafter’s Workshop and Canvas Corp Brands.  Here is all you need to do….

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We will be sharing projects the entire month of February – learn new techniques, see how new products are used and be inspired with great ideas from the TCW and CCB designers.


Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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