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Vintage Mini Travel Journals

7gypsies is all about the journey and the new Architextures Collection takes you to far away places of today and the past and we think getting there is just as much fun as the destination and then capturing the memories is the icing on the cake. There are so many fun ways to capture the memories of a trip… through written word, photos or ephemera collected on the way, but what do you do with it all when the trip is complete and the memories are captured?  How about mini travel journals that fit perfectly into one of the 7gypsies crates – adorable, right?

vintage Mini travel journals

Creating a series of mini travel journals for one trip or combine travels and slip them into these perfect little wooden crates and share them with the world.  Different shapes and sizes look so great when stacked, layered and tossed into one of the 2 sizes of crates 7gypsies has to offer.  

handmade travel journals

Each journal was hand bound, but don’t let that scare you, just grab your favorite papers, jute and a Crop-a-Dial and you are ready to make your own little books. 

Mini Travel Journal – Vacancy

No Vacancy Mini Travel Journal Architextures

How we did it – layer 4-6 atc size cards – we used Canvas Corp Mini Shapes – Rectangle and Kraft ATC Cards – we grabbed the packaging from one of the 7gypsies items, folded it over to make a front cover and punched holes in two places through all layers with our Crop-A-Dial.  Decorate it with one of the Architextures Findings – Travel Toys (cruise ship), 7gypsies American Vintage Ephemera and bicycle wheel embellishments from the new 7gypsies Architextures Junk – Garage – The new 7gypsies Architextures are the perfect travel embellishments for your mini journals or any travel projects.

ATC Travel Journal

Mini Travel Journal Vintage Style

How we did it – now, this one is really simple – grab a book cover from the 7gypsies American Vintage Ephemera Pack, the rest of the ATC’s cards and embellish them with more of the Garage themed Junque pack.  Punch a single hole in the top corner and tie them together with jute, so each and so cute.

Vintage Globe Journal

Architextures Globe Sticker

How we did it – start with one of the 7gypsies Naked Journals – this one is the 3″x5″ version and cover the front with one of the pieces from the Architextures Garage Junque.  Each Junque pack has various sizes of faux, textured art and they make great book covers. You cannot tell from the photo, but you can feel the grooves of the metal, it is so neat.  Then add the globe and you are done, yes done.  The pages on the inside are blank and ready to be filled with memories, photos and more.

Roma Travel Journal

Roma Book Vintage Journal

How we did it – start with one set of the 7gypsies 3″x5″ Roma Book Cover and decorate them with the vintage truck and vintage red plane from the Architextues Vintage Travel Toys – Trinkets.

Are we there yet? 7gypsies Cards

Fill the book with a set of the 7gypsies Gypsy Moments Cards – Are We There Yet?  Simply stack them inside the book covers, punch 2 sets of holes and sting with jute.  Each of the cards let’s you fill in little details along the journey.

Vintage Luggage Travel Journal

Vintage Luggage Travel Journal

How we did it – this was a fun one to make and let us explore how cool the 7gypsies Architextues Junque pieces really are. We cut up pieces of Pack Your Bags 12×12 paper from 7gypsies.  This paper is pretty cool as it is divided into 6 equal parts on one side making it great for mini books.  Cut a front and a back from the first two pieces top and bottom.  Don’t cut the other pieces up just yet, they will become in the inside pages.

handmade travel journal

Lay out the two 4″x6″ cards side by side with a 1/2″ gap, slip in a 1/2″ strip x 6″ leaving them all loose for a moment.  On the outside using one of the pieces of the Garage Junque Pack bind all 3 together letting the gaps stay every so slightly so the book with open and close.  The Junque art is flexible and adhesive so it a perfect option for making a book binding like this.  Punch holes in the top and bottom to hold your pages in and help to secure the binding.

Now cut and fold as many pages that are 8″ across x 6″ tall (you can use the other pieces from the Pack Your Bags Paper as well as any other papers)  Fold them down the middle and punch holes in the same location as the binding.  Slip a bit of jute through the holes and secure all the pages into place and tie.  You can add a bit more of the Junque to secure the pages.

vintage journal how to make

The Junque art is great for securing things in place very much like washe tape, but it is textured, colorful and oh so new and cool.  Now you can fill the pages with fun mini file folders, cards from Wanderlust – Stay Focused Paper and any other fun ephemera, photos and nicknacks.

travel journal tutorial

So if you just got back from Spring Break, are planning a Summer Vacation or maybe a 25th Anniversary, consider making mini journals you can take with you and fill in along the way capturing those special moments.

For more information about 7gypsies travel products here are some links to our favorite collections – Wanderlust, American Vintage, Architextures.

Happy Travels and Happy Creating!!!


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