Water Basin Stand Makeover

Do you have an old piece of furniture sitting around in the garage or maybe you have hidden it in a back room. Well some of us love things that look old and others of us love old things with a little touch of something new as simple as a coat of paint.  Crew Member Tonya Trantham walks us through the steps of how she redid this piece and a few tips and tricks.
Step 3 - Water basin
I have a water basin stand that had seen better days and was in a much needed sprucing up with a little paint. The Tattered Angels Decor & DIY paint was the perfect solution for this tired piece of furniture.
Materials Used:
Tattered Angels: Decor and DIY Ivory Paint
Wood Filler
Dowel Rods
Tools Used:
1/2 inch paint brush
Drop Cloth or over sized piece corrugated cardboard
Painters Tape
It had a crack in the wood where the bowl and pitcher would be placed so after using a little wood filler, replacing the towel holders with new dowels and taping off around the mirror, I was ready to paint.
Step 1 - Stand
Decor & DIY Paint is great – it does not require sanding, priming or a top coat.  One or two coats is all you need.  When painting light paint on dark surfaces you can judge the number of coats.
Step 2 - Tattered Angels DIY Paint
It took two coats of paint to cover the dark wood.  Also I didn’t even used the whole jar of paint on the stand!  The paint goes so far and dries to smooth finish.
Step 3 - Water basin
Unlike some of the furniture paints on the market that required mixing, special storage or do not keep long, this paint just requires you to twist off the stop, stir and start painting.  I let the first coat dry before applying the second.  
The stand looks so new with a fresh coat of paint!
Step 4 - Water basin stand
I dressed up the stand with a pitcher and basin along with some colorful towels and battenburg lace.
The only thing missing is small tapered candles to place in the candle holders on each side but other than that I think the paint job turned out great!
So if you are looking for a way to get out of the heat or rain or just to get crafty this weekend, we hope you are inspired to do a quick makeover that will make you smile.
To see more of Tonya’s work visit her blog Creative Addict To Paper and follower her on Facebook – Tonya Trantham 
Happy Creating!!!




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