7gypsies Architextures Books Are Perfect For A Little Fine Art

7gypsies Architextures Books Are Perfect For A Little Fine Art

Crew member and fine artist, Vicki Ross loves to experiment with different surfaces, mediums and techniques and is always trying something new. Sometimes it is to see what works best, sometimes it is to capture all the colors you can create and other times it is just to release her creativity and make beautiful things. Today, Vicki is playing with a wide range of different mediums on the new 7gypsies 6’x6″ Sketch Book to create pieces of little fine art. This little book is a perfect place to practice your art skills, try different mediums or just be creative and you can keep it close by, add notes or add a new piece of art when the mood hits you.

7gypsies Architextures Books Are Perfect For A Little Fine Art

Measuring just 6″x6″ and starting with a distressed background makes the fear of painting onto a clean white page go away.  Not only is it easier to paint when paper is not stark white, but the background also makes a wonderful surface to showcase your art whether you are covering the entire sheet or simply doodling a face or painting a flower.

Sketch first and then fill in with color….you can doodle your book and then go back and use it as a coloring book and when you need to unwind.

Try different color combinations and blend different mediums and see what you like the best.  The only way to see what works is to try different things and done forget to take notes, so you can remember what you did and repeat your favorite combinations and ideas.

Using different paint mediums works wonderfully on the subtle background and really letting the eye focus on the art.

7gypsies Architextures Books Are Perfect For A Little Fine Art

This was Vicki’s favorite, we have to say there was no way we could choose a favorite, we loved them all.  The Designer’s Gouache was her favorite to use with the matte finish paper and offered wonderful coverage.

So if you have a little blank journal on hand or would like to start journaling or experimenting, why not start a little 6″x6″ book collection to capture your ideas, sketches, doodles and works of art.

7gypsies Architextures 6″x6″ Sketch Book or 7gypsies Architextures 6″x6″ Ledger Book

If you want to go a bit bigger you can shop the entire collection of  Vintage Inspired Ledgers and Books with a wide range of different printed pages that will look wonderful under your artwork.

To see more of Vicki’s work you can follow her on Youtube where she offers a wide range of how to videos and loves to teach new and old art ideas.

Vicki Ross – Youtube

Vicki Ross – Website


Happy Creating!!!


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