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We cannot spill the beans just yet, but we can hardly keep it a secret much longer!  Tune in Sunday, January 22 at 11:3o a.m. Central Time on Create and Craft to see the world-wide unveiling of the new 7gypsies collection.  While we cannot tell you all about it just yet, we can give you a little insight into the collation and what is soon to come.

Christine Meier notes, “The collection was inspired by our love of the vintage market, relics of the past and preserving wonderful moments of the future.”  The new collection brings together a variety of new craft products that will inspire you in so many ways.  

vintage market days - bentonville arkansas
Galoshes slipped on and warm sweaters abound,
as the gypsies make their way though the crowded barn in search treasures soon to be found.

The rusty old truck is in perfect view,
number one on the wish list or maybe it is number two.

sunshine coffee jar
The perfect old jar, oh what should we do?
$35 oh my, phew!

A stack of old journals that smell old and sweet,
wrap them up for the gypsies, the perfect treat.

Old tea cups stacked high,
such delicate glass we cannot knock over, we would just die.

Did we say something new is soon to be here?
The gypsies cannot stand it, but the time is so, so near.

mary jane shoes
Little shoes lined up in a row,
how sweet they each are from the heel to the toe.

Old bottles side by side just so,
to have each one would make our show.

vintage clear bottles
We leaned against the wall of old brick and peeled paint,
taking a load off and feeling so quaint.

Vintage doors lined up all about,
to all they have welcomed in and out.

No digital cameras to be found,
these works of art once captured all that was profound.

vintage cameras
Look up and what do we see?
Beautiful ceiling tiles that make us feel free.

Vintage keys ready to tell stories of the past,
oh how they last.

vintage typewriter
Is the time here just yet, to share the exciting new news?
No, but don’t fret.

The bovines are lined up one at a time,
crowns overhead, oh they are so fine.

Dress forms in all sizes, shapes and heights,
once used to make clothing now used for our hearts delight.

dress forms
Vintage sketches of times gone by,
bring back memories and remind us how time does fly.

Wooden signs painted one at at time.

market signs
The time has almost come, just a little bit more,
and the gypsies with be ready to shout it from shore to shore.

The goodies are packed in suitcases from long ago
and ready to unveil the new collection at the show.

old suite cases
They gypsies will unpack one special piece at a time
and place it carefully and oh do they will look so fine.

We can give just a bit away, let’s start with the name – Architextures™.  Don’t you love it?  The name takes our mind in so many creative directions we cannot wait to share more.  Stay tuned this week for more sneak peeks and a tour of the booth where we will unveil the collection at Creativation 2017.  


Here is a little video that will get your creative mind going!!!

Welcome Architextures™ to our Gypsy World!!!




Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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