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How long before your kids go back to school? Do you feel like summer just flew by?! Well, teachers, assistants and parents who love to help in the classroom, we have a treat for you on the blog today. Crew Member Alison Osborn has designed a fun and creative Back to School Calendar for kids returning to the classroom and for little ones who are just starting school. It can be used before the school year begins as a countdown, or during the first week of school, at home or in the classroom, as a calendar. It’s an interactive way for the kids to be involved, try new things, get little treats, and more.     


Alison designed the calendar to count down the days until school begins and here is how she did it.  

It won’t be long before the kids will be leaving summer behind and heading back to school. To ease the transition, I’ve created a fun countdown, so that parents and kids can adjust to the upcoming change.

Supplies Used – Canvas Corp


  • 7G Clear Stamp – Varsity Numbers (or any number stamp you have handy – sorry these are no longer available)

Other Materials: Bakers twine and handmade pom-poms

Tools used: white paint pen or chalk, scissors and hot glue gun

For this countdown you can use numerous materials, there’s no right or wrong, just have fun. To get started I stamped 7 Canvas Corp paper kraft bags with 7gypsies’ Varsity Number Stamps. This countdown is a week long but you can pick whatever amount of days you’d like. If you are doing it once school begins, consider the first week or maybe a whole month, slipping in an enjoyable activity for the kids for each day and then something entertaining they can do on the weekends when they are at home.


The cheerful Chalkstock Tags, reminiscent of the classroom, can be written on with chalk and wiped off, or you can use your favorite white pen.


 For backdrops, consider stringing your calendar across a chalkboard, desk front, kids’ lockers or across the cupboards in the kitchen.


I used pieces of multiple Canvas Corp fabrics and hot glued them on to the bags. I wanted to make these very colorful, so I used the rainbow and even matched the fabric colors to the paper designs. I then glued on pieces of ruler design ribbon and alphabet letters. I also made paper flags for the pencils and attached buttons.


Next I lettered the chalkstock tags with an encouraging word for each day, such as “sing,” “learn,” and “play.” You can even use these as engaging questions for your child. “What do you want to learn?” or “What’s your favorite song to sing?” This can really help start the year on a positive note.

I then used multiple papers to cut out circles, triangles and squares–again playing off the 123’s and abc’s. I used both the tags and shapes as fun décor for the outside of the bags.


Finally you can fill the bags with whatever goodies you’d like. I used Lifesavers, Smarties, school supplies and little surprise activities that the kids and I want to do before school starts.  In a school setting you can slip in a fun activity for each day of the countdown or count up.  There is even room to fit one slip for each of the kids to take home for the weekend.


Here is a great video we found on Youtube for making Pompons.


Hope this craft eases the start of your new school year and makes a fun tradition for years to come.  This is a great idea for any countdown – Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day or a Birthday!!!  So exciting to look forward to.

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