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Burlap Sunflower Wreath

Hi. Mona Leonard here (you can see my reflection in the photo above!) and today I have for you a Burlap Sunflower Wreath which I made to decorate my front door.
I think since summer is just around the corner, I needed a summery wreath for my door. I thought what could be better than a flower to represent the summer. After thinking a bit about it for a while, I decided that I wanted to make a sunflower. This was a very fun project to put together.

Materials used for the Burlap Sunflower Wreath:
Canvas Corp – Natural Burlap by the Yard

Canvas Corp – Jute Cord Ball Natural
Tattered Angels High Impact paint – Brown and Tan
Wreath form
Pipe cleaners, Paint brush, Roller cutter

This is the wreath form that I used – it is 12” in diameter.

I used my roller cutter and cut my burlap in strips of 5” and then cut them at 10”. I cut about 70 rectangles.
I folded my rectangle in half to make a v shape.

I then pleated the burlap starting from the bottom of the V to the top. Now it looks like a bow.

Here I took a pipe cleaner and attached the bow onto my wreath.
Then I repeated steps 4 and 5 until the wreath was full.

This is what the wreath should look like at this point.

I then brought my wreath in the garage and used a yellow spray paint that I had to make my sunflower yellow.
You can also choose to use the colored burlap in yellow that you can find in our shop, which will save you the spray painting.

For the centre of my flower, I bought a 6” styrofoam ball and sliced it in half then wrapped it all with my natural jute cord.
I started from the top using my glue gun and gluing it all the way to the bottom.

For the finishing touches, I painted my flower centre with my brown and tan High Impact paints.
Using pipe cleaners, I attached a plastic canvas in the back of my wreath, to be able to glue my flower centre on.
Once all this was done, I used 21” plastic mesh in green, cut two pieces of 21” and folded the same method as I did for the flower petals and attached it to the back of the wreath to create leaves.

You can make many different flowers using this method – choose different colours and fabrics and have fun!!!

Mona Leonard



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