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Canvas Corp Brands Takes Phoenix By Storm – Creativation 2018

We design a booth in the cold warehouse each year, down to the smallest of details, take a few photos, pack up the booth and ship it out west in large crates… hoping that they arrive safe and sound. The pieces are delivered to our booth-space at the AFCI show and the show fun begins. Carpet unrolls (by itself, right, I don’t think so!), the fixtures take their place, the boxes filled with products, models and inspiration land where they are to be set up and the magic begins.

The daunting task of getting it all set up can seem unreachable, but somehow we get it done in perfect timing and this could not be possible without the help of our amazing team and CCB Crew.

It looks so neat and organized, kinda… right? Well, as neat as a bunch of found objects and look when packed tightly into a wooden crate.

The walls slip together like a big jigsaw puzzle. That is the only way we can put 800 sq feet of space into a few crates.
Betz and Alysson work together to keep the walls upright until they are secure.

Linda Israel and Maire Nicole take a break for a quick smile.

And then… we were ready to start!!!
Welcome to Canvas Corp Brands does Creativation 2018!!!

Each of the brands find their home in the booth vintage for 7gypsies, plenty of color for Tattered Angels and lots of great basics for Canvas Corp.

Tattered Angels shares ideas for classes, workshops and group activities and what a great response. From backpacks that are perfect for a big group, kids classes, mixed media, tags, painting and more…these awesome Printed Backpacks are screen printed and ready to be painted your way.
The sample here was done with High Impact and Glimmer Glam. Both can be washed and are amazing on fabric.

So many colors of Glimmer Mist and the other mists by Tattered Angels, what a fun way to show off all the colors, misted on canvas, burlap and chipboard and they look so different, a great idea for a store or to keep in your studio.

One of the most exciting areas to set up was the new Tattered Angels Color Wash. This paint is truly amazing, it was formulated for wood and natural products and all we can say is it just works, the pieces look even more amazing in person. The perfect paint for laser cut pieces, rustic wood, baskets, rough wood, unfinished wood, etc. The paint does not stick to metal, it just wipes off so you can use it for trays and other wood items with metal accents. More to come on this new collection, available in the shop February 1st.

Canvas Corp introduced a wide range of fun collections from Main Street to Ship to Shore a new nautical line and many new cut and sew items including a huge selection of canvas aprons and new banners, but one of the most beautiful collections was a new line they created with artist Aga Baraniak.

Aga’s collection is a wonderful paper line printed on watercolor paper and filled with vibrant color and black and white art that will inspire you to create – Compose Your Life!

7gypsies leads the way with new Architextures items to expand the collection.
The Architextures line is a success after the launch in 2017 and it has been so much fun to see the new elements.

The Trinkets, Treasures and Findings made a great showing, new styles and lots of great new ideas.

So many great projects, like this cardboard book Lena created for the show with Canvas Corp screen printed cardboard and Architextures Angel Wings.

One of the coolest items at the show are these printed cover Traveler’s Journals that measure 8″ tall x 5″ wide and they are perfect for those journal makers with a vintage side.

One of the highlights of the show was the Canvas Corp Brands Crew hosted creative play table.
The table was manned by Crew members who were happy to show customers how the products worked, create along side designers and shop owners and create projects for the booth. It was never vacant and what a great way to visit with our customers and learn as much as we can as well. We were so thankful for the contributions from other brands that attended the show, we will be featuring each of them in upcoming blog posts.

The Crew showed off their personal style as they demonstrated the products.
Thanks Shel for sharing your painting and drawing skills, so fun to see in person.

Linda had us covered on Junk Journals and it was fun to learn simple tricks to make our own junk journals with Canvas Corp Brands products.

Lena was there from the beginning until the end, helping with set up, tear down and a grand host at the table. She traveled from Finland to be part of the show and we are so very thankful.

Surrounded our Crew and a great sales team it was a great place to meet and greet with our customers and show them everything new.
Thanks to Alysson Lefler and Doug Stansbury for making such a great how happen.

For those not photographed or who helped with the show long distance, we thank you so much too. We could not have pulled this off without everyone’s help, ideas and input.
Special thanks to Henry and Kaiwi for the tools, ideas and manpower!!!

See you next year and for those who have not attended a CHA, Creativations, AFCI (so many names for the same show – the biggest creative and craft show in the USA) it is definitely worth the trip to Phoenix for the next few years. It is easy to get in and out and the show will not disappoint.

Let’s work together to build our industry and bring us all together!!!

Thanks everyone!!!

Christine and Randy


Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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