Clock Makeover in My Style

Behind the scenes at Canvas Corp Brands we have a lot of fun seeing projects before they begin and this “ugly” clock has been a favorite.  Lena lives in Finland and we are all pretty jealous at the number of salvage shops, markets and places to find vintage pieces.  Lena shares with us lots of goodies she collects and this clock was one of them and it got the nickname of the “ugly” clock.  It was so fun to see the clock redo and we are excited to share it with you on the blog.  
We hope you are as lucky as Lena is and have an abundance of shops in your area and with Spring-time it is time for Spring Cleaning, donating household items to local organizations, host garage sales or move things around and put your treasures in the garage. Those not donating are replenishing their households with thrifty treasures from Church rummage sales and town wide flea markets. You can experience an abundance of these tag sales from Mid March through Mid June.
When exploring a rummage sale you need to keep an open mind. Items may have new life as something else. A window can be a table or kitchen display. Chairs can become shelving and clay pots can take new life as garden sculptures and for CCB Crew Member Lena Holmström of  Bruksflickan, an “ugly” clock was transformed into a masterpiece.
So here it is – let us know in the comments if you agree about the nickname of this clock…..
 lena clock supply
I recently bought an ugly clock from a local flea market. I paid $5 Euro which equals $5.50 US dollar for it. With just a little bit of paint from Tattered Angels and some paper from Canvas Corp Brands, I now have a beautiful clock which is completely my style.
The Materials That I Used; 
Sticker:7 Dots Studio
Washi tape from local store
Lena finished clock
This project is just so easy to do. All Lena did was the following;
Step 1 Cover the interior background with the Live, Love, Laugh or your favorite paper from Canvas Corp, using glue of choice, re-insert into the clock, close the clock.  These paints will go onto any surface, so if you clock or found piece is wood, plastic, metal, resin or other surface, your paint will adhere with no issues.  You can also paint the hinges and metal details to match your clock.
Step 2 Paint the outside of the clock with Decor & DIY Paint, High Impact Paint or Black Gesso.  Each will give you a slightly different texture.  There is no need for priming or sanding, just wipe clean and paint, then let dry. Add a few more coats if needed.
Step 3  For a fun added touch, create a banner with 7 Gypsies Tickets, Canvas Corp Clothespins and twine.  You can run tape or stickers along the sides of the clock glass too.
The possibilities are endless. Use any paper or paint color that fits your personality and start creating. Hurry check your local papers, I bet you will find a rummage sale or two this coming weekend!!!!!
 For more of Lena’s works visit her blog; Bruksflickan or visit her works here one the CCB Blog, along with our other creative crew members!  Sign Up to follow the blog – Canvas Corp Brands Blog
Happy Creating!!!



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  1. May 3, 2016 @ 10:37 am Barb Housner

    such a fun project – I have a few of those found treasures I want to redo


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