Coffee With A Little Love – Happy Valentine’s Day

We “love” our coffee, “love” drinking coffee with those we “love and “love” creating with coffee as the theme, so we thought it would be the perfect day to share a little coffee “love” and inspire everyone to have coffee with a loved one, make someone you love a little coffee surprise or just have fun.  Three of our amazing Crew Members come together today with 3 amazing coffee themed projects that are each very different, but all inspire us to create with that hot drink we love so much.  

Coffee with a Friend by Kathy Adams

watercolor coffee art - tattered angels

Let’s kick things off with this fun and bright project by Crew Member, Kathy Adams.  So many coffee projects are in neutral tones, which of course we love, but this art piece just makes us smile.  

I love watercoloring with Tattered Angels sprays. Some projects require more control over where the color will go as opposed to spraying them. I was constantly pouring my mists into palettes and using them with paint brushes and realized that, when left overnight, they dried, leaving only the pigment in the palette. Adding a bit of water brings them right back to life! This got me thinking about making a dry palette of Tattered Angel sprays that are more portable than the spray bottles. I’ve prepared a video showing how I created my “dry Tattered Angels watercolor palette”. Using this palette, I also show how I created a coffee themed canvas entitled “Coffee With A Friend”. – Kathy Adams
making watercolor paints with glimmer mist

Kathy discovered that if you pour a bit of Glimmer Mist into a bowl or small pallets and let them dry overnight, the water disappears and you are left with pigment and mica and you just add a bit of water to bring the colors to life. What a brilliant idea.

Materials Used:
Canvas Corp:
French Script Tissuestock
White Thickstock
Natural burlap sheet
Tattered Angels: Glimmer Mist Pumpkin Spice; Simply Sheer Red Rose; Glimmer Mist Verdigris; Glimmer Mist Blarney
Other: – Gesso – Matte Medium – Molding Paste – 8×10 canvas- Empty Palette- Pipette or Dropper – Swirl Stencil – Liquid Glue – Foam Tape
Tools Used: Scissors – Brushes – Palette Knife


Morning Coffee With That Special Him by Carly Poole

Coffee Artwork‘Canvas and Burlap Art with a touch of coffee is the perfect handmade gift for Valentine’s Day for my hubby! Coffee time is our favorite time of day. I feel like we should all take time out of our lives to enjoy the little things and the special moments that matter. Valentine’s Day is everyday, cherish each other.’ – Carly Poole

Materials Used:
Tattered Angels – Baseboard – Fire, Baby Girl
Tattered Anges – Glimmer Mist – Vintage Pink

Canvas corp – Pink Burlap SheetRed burlap flowerValentines paper scrap; Corrugated cardboard blackBlack white live love laugh paper
Coffee stamp set
Glossy accent
Red card stock
Tools Used:  Hot glue gun; Scissors; Knife

Layers of burlap, papers, stamped items in any theme that is personal to someone you care about is the perfect handmade gift.  The wonderful part about making it is you get to choose the colors, the theme, the style, the size and the function of the piece.  With so many great stamps, stencils and papers out there, the options are  truly endless.

1 – Start with a stretched burlap or canvas in any size – you can glue burlap to a stretched canvas to give it the look Carly did and allow you to choose the color of burlap.  A hot glue gun or liquid glue is a great choice.
2 – Cut the red flower in half – this allows you to put it 2 places in your artwork.

3 – You can make your own flower by using any left over burlap or canvas pieces – if you want to change the color, Glimmer Mist is a great option.
4 – Stamp several images of coffee cup on three papers, fussy cut out each piece separately to match each other
5 – Use your favorite alphabet stickers, stencils or stamps to write on the burlap – keep in mind that burlap has wider weave so you will want to use a thicker font and add a bit of glue if you are using a sticker.
6 – You can design your canvas on the front or the back, this one is designed with the canvas backwards making a shadowbox.  To help the space stand out, fill it in with a contrasting color like the black e-flute paper.
7 – Glue all the parts together to create a wonderful piece of art that you can put on a bookshelf, desk, dresser or somewhere special for all to see.

coffee stamp
For more of Carly’s work visit her Blog and follow her on Instagram.

Freshly Brewed Canvas by Monica Taylor 
you are loved more than you know - Coffee Art
 ‘Texture is all around us. You can find it in everyday items in your kitchen. I decided to experiment and create a Coffee themed canvas using coffee grounds and cinnamon. During the creation process, the aroma of the coffee did come through just like when we use to have cards that we scratched and sniffed.’ – Monica


Materials Used:
Canvas Corp – Coffee and Tea labels on Ivory
Tattered Angels – Woven Burlap Glimmer Mist
Tattered Angels – Stone Glimmer Mist
Tattered Angels – Tarnished Silver Glimmer Mist
5″ x 7″ canvas
Other Items:  Distress Ink – Walnut Stain; Distress Paint – Walnut Stain, Rusty Hinge; Gesso; Transparent Matte texture paste; Distress Collage; medium; Wood letters; Wood gears; Chip board die cut; twine; Coffee; Cinnamon
Tools Used:
Glue Gun; Pallet knife; Blending tool; Tonic Scissors; Crop a dile; Paint brush
1 – Using paint brush, apply gesso to cover canvas and let dry.
2 – Once completely dry, mix ground coffee with transparent texture paste.
3 – Using your pallet knife, spread coffee grounds onto canvas until you get your desired look. You may want to use rubber gloves and spread with your fingers. Once this is dry, spray canvas with tattered angels woven burlap glimmer mist.

4 – Add Rusty hinge with a paint brush to various parts of canvas and rub into canvas.
5 – Sprinkle cinnamon onto wet paint and rub into canvas with a paper towel.
6 -Paint wood letters and gears with walnut stain distress paint.
7 – Add cinnamon and smear into wood to create a rust appearance.
8 – Cut out images from Canvas Corp Coffee and Tea labels. Distress edges with distress tool and add walnut stain distress ink to edges.
9 – Glue wood words to spell coffee onto canvas using glue gun. Glue Coffee and Tea labels, gears and chip board die cut.
10 – Using crop-a-dile, punch two holes 1 inch from each side and run twine through holes to create a hanging cord.

So there you have 3 versions of a little coffee love that will inspire you.  I think if coffee is your thing, using Monica’s hint of actually using real coffee in the project is a wonderful idea – it will smell so good while you are crafting and for a long time to come.
Happy Valentine’s Day from the CCB Team!!!


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