Crafty Projects for National Mad Hatter Day

In honor of National Mad Hatter day, Dana is here with some fun ideas and gorgeous photos for us! If this doesn’t spark your inner Hatter we don’t know what will! 

Alice in Wonderland”, written by Lewis Carroll, is a whimsically wonderful piece of literature that has been loved by generations. There are so many colorful characters in the book but perhaps one of the most loved is The Hatter (also known as the Mad Hatter). The Hatter would usually be doing something silly and even asking ridiculous riddles, such as “why is a raven like a writing desk?” Do you know the answer to the riddle? Lewis Carroll answered it himself in the preface of the 1896 edition…

Mad Hatter Paper Hat

Today is National Mad Hatter Day – it’s time to embrace your silly side!  It’s officially 6 months from April fools day and the Hatter, as you know, wears a 10/6 label on his hat.  Instead of trying to fool other’s to make them seem silly, this is a special day for letting out your own silly side and celebrating the absurd!

We love the hatter because he is wonderfully foolish and we can only imagine what kinds of hats he might create in his Wonderland Studio.

Perhaps the Hatter might rely on a few basics to bring out the fun in a day, black and white, checkerboards, diamond patterns.  There is a great selection of Basics in the Canvas Corp Brands shop. These paper hats and mini-books were made as decorations for a  Wonderland Tea Party  hosted by myself and Nancy Gaines.  It’s hard to resist the absurdity of Alice in Wonderland! Why not bring a little silly to your life and celebrate today with your own mini tea party? You never know who might show up.




Red, Black and White are amazing together when it comes to Mat Hatter Projects.



Part of the fun of a special day might be mixing basic patterns to get “un” basic results.  Stitch, glue, layer, mist, and add lots of embellishments – one can never have too many embellishments.

Mad Hatter Tea Cup Party Ideas


Cover Tea Bags with printed paper to make them look so cute and fit into your party theme. 

Paper Mad Hatter Hat

Celebrate the silliness of today by creating a variety of hats for every mood.  Patterns can be found on the internet.  Or buy a pre-made hat and change it up from the lonely hat band to one made with misted tissue flowers and a spray of little yellow roses.


Decorate black hats with colorful paper, flowers and ribbon to match your party theme, you can change them out for the next party, it is great having basic decor pieces that are flexible party to party.


Everyone loves a fun hat.


 Turn hats up, down and all around for terrific centerpieces.  

Uninvited Guest Mad Hatter Day


Love this little fella, glad he is going the party.  The Mad Hatter’s hats might be a bit big to wear, but they might be cozy to sleep inside.  

So if you have an Alice In Wonderland fan or maybe it is your favorite novel, why not plan a Mad Hatter Party with lots of fun details and of course lots of Mad Hatter Hats.

We love a good party, hope you do too!!!!  Happy Mad Hatter’s Day!!!

If you have any Mad Hatter inspired projects we would love to see! Tag us on any of our social media and we will find you! 


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  1. October 11, 2016 @ 1:56 am Debbie Siddle

    So sweet! Thanks for showing this. I love Alice in Wonderland and I love animals, so a winning post for me. Thanks for the inspiration.


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