Designer Inspired – What inspires you to create?

What inspires you to choose the colors you choose, the techniques you try or create or the types of projects you do?  While we tend to learn the techniques from the classes we take, the online tutorials we watch or trial and error, where we get the look and feel of our designs can come from so many places.  One of the things that inspires us are designers from across many different areas, from furniture to clothing and from singers to fashion icons.

We challenged our Canvas Corp Crew to share with us a project that was inspired by a designer that they admired, that inspired them or just for fun.  They are linking their projects to this blog and will share with you their inspiration and ideas as we share ours.


So let’s start with the inspiration, this amazing jacket that Adam wore on one of the late night shows.  All our new Navajo paper needed was a little blue and tans to recreate this great western look.  Picture shared from Jimmy Kimmel Live


We decided not to go quite a dark, we wanted our finished project to a be a little brighter and more fun, but the idea of misting the entire piece with Tattered Angels Simply Sheer (Dark Blue) and then accenting it with Tattered Angels Glazes (Saffron and Mercury Glass)  and High Impact (Navy)  The gold of the Saffron and the Blue in the Simply Sheer created the green tones that we just loved.

Now what to do with our newly created beautiful designer paper.  How about cover this “ugly” plastic covered Post-it note pad that was a gift.  The inside is filled with great notes in fun sizes and colors, but the outside could use a little designer help.


So we started by covering the outside of the book with the paper folding it over all the way around and gluing into place with Beacon’s 3 in 1 Glue our favorite go to glue when it comes to stitching important things together.  It has no issue adhering to the plastic and hold things in place.  Bend the book as you go to make sure the paper and the book come together and the book is able to close when the project is done.

IMG_0743We then add a piece of faux leather paper to the inside cover front and back cover to hide the folder over edges, this created a nice finish and added to the cool designer look.  Canvas Corp Mini clothespins come in extra handy when gluing items like this, but it literally only took about 3-5 minutes for this to dry with the clothespins holding it all in place.

IMG_0742We have to admit we were a little proud of the end results and were excited to put this newly created masterpiece on the desk at the office and show it off.  The inside pieces are perfectly in shape and ready to be pulled out and mark the perfect spot.

IMG_0746We found some extra thick 7gypsies Rubber Bands and grabbed one one to create a belt for our little project.  We fell back in love with these Rubber Bands and were so excited to find a few cases in the warehouse so we put them in the store if anyone needs their own stash of extra thick rubber bands this one is the smaller of the two sizes – the larger size fits an 8.5×11 perfectly.


Here is a sneak peek at a few of the other pieces that inspired our team and the items they created.  Others will link up and share their ideas.  So next time you see a great outfit on TV, love a painted chair or the front cover of an album, we hope you are inspired enough to create something very fun.

Sanna was inspired by this amazing dress print and turned her inspiration into a beautiful, bright card.



Kyriakos was inspired by the detail work in this tea pot and created a Tattered Tangle Card that was tea and designer inspired.


20214_682804651846999_6017737650957068247_n Valerie Desseaux Andrieux took the best of these stylish dresses and accessories to create this beautiful frames.


Stop by the links below to see other great projects inspired by design.  Each is so very different, but it is fun to see the inspiration and the project and be a part of the project.

Happy Creating!!!!


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This blog is a compilation of inspiration from the Canvas Corp Brands family including Canvas Corp, Tattered Angels and 7Gypsies.