diy: book board village

what you need: book board, chipboard, adhesive, paper, distress ink, light sand paper
one. Cut book board to the desired proportions for each building.  Cut 2 pieces for front/back, 2 pieces for the sides, 2 pieces for the roof and one piece for the floor (for each building).  You will also need to cut a lightweight chipboard into five 1” x 2” pieces, and score them down the middle lengthwise.
two.  Cover all pieces of the building (except the floor) with your desired patterned papers.  Sand the edges well.
three. Ink using Distress Ink and a blending tool.
four. Assembly:  Start with the front and one side piece.  Run a bead of glue down the edge on one side of the building.  Butt the side piece up behind the front with the edges flush.  The side of the building will be ‘hidden’ behind the building front.  Allow to set for a few seconds.  Next, add the other side of the building in the same manner….hide the ‘seam’ behind the front of the building and secure with glue and a chipboard brace.  Continue with the back of the building the same way.
five.Then use one piece of the lightweight chipboard that you’ve cut and scored to brace all the pieces together.  Glue in the corner of that joint being sure it’s at least 1/4” above where the floor will be positioned later.  If you need to, use a popsicle stick or a bone folder to smooth down the chipboard braces being sure all is well secured before proceeding.  I like to apply slight pressure to hold the pieces in place as the pieces dry
six.The next step will be to add the floor piece. Check to be sure the floor will fit snugly before applying any glue. When you’re sure it’s snug, remove the floor piece and apply a bead of strong glue around the inside bottom edge of the building. Carefully wiggle the floor piece into place and while it’s on a smooth, level surface, gently push from the inside top of the building to be sure the floor is level and doesn’t protrude from the bottom. Let it dry for a while, so as you add embellishments, it won’t come unglued.
  **Before attaching the roof pieces, add all embellishments to the house…or at least any that would require access to the inside of the house.  I attached some items with wire and/or brads and needed to secure from the inside.
seven. Using the same method as the walls, put the two roof pieces together with a bead of glue, overlapping one side edge over the other so it’s a smooth joint and comes to a nice sharp peak.  You can reinforce the roof with a chipboard brace like you did with the walls. Run a bead of glue along all edges of the building tops, then position and secure the roof in place.  It helps to apply slight pressure to be sure the glue adheres the pieces together.

REPEAT to create your own village!!!


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