DIY Nautical Pillows

Creating pillows that reflect your personal style is easy when you start with a blank canvas or burlap pillow and add your own personal saying, stenciled icon or iron on.  You can also embellish with paint, fabric or embellishments in the colors and style that match your decor.  Adding new pillows is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update spaces in your home.  You can create pillows for each season, follow the trends or just something new to enjoy.

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Toes in the Water and Bum In The Sand are two great sayings that scream beach and nautical in just a few simple words.


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Burlap Pillow Form made with 100% jute.

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10×18 Canvas Pillow Form – Custom sizes available – call today for more information.

Adding letters, words and sayings are easy with Crafter’s Workshop Stencils and Tattered Angels High Impact Paints (black).

brushed alpha TCW469

The Crafter’s Workshop 12″x12″ Stencil – Brush Alpha


Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – Black (20352)


Canvas Corp – Canvas and Burlap Pillow Forms available in a range of sizes and shapes – custom sizes available – call for more information today.

When choosing you blank pillows you will want to keep a few things in mind:

1 – 100% cotton or natural jute will give you the most flexibility when determining what mediums you will use to decorate your pillow, natural fibers seem to work best with a wide range of products.

2 – choose a pillow form – our pillows open in the back to make adding and removing a pillow form easy.

3 – to pre-wash or not to pre-wash? – if you pre-wash you will get a softer, more vintage look, but it is not necessary to pre-wash

4 – pillow form or polyfil?  – we like pillow forms better, our favorites are from Fairfield Processing you can read more about the options on their blog.  Pillow forms and pillow cases may not always match up in sizes exactly, so find the one that you like the fit the best, loose and comfy or a larger insert will make the pillow firm and the design stand out.  You can use Polyfil®, but it does not take the shape of the pillow quite a well, if you are not finding the right size and shape pillow form, you can make your own by sewing a muslin square and filling it with Polyfil®.

5 – burlap or canvas? – that is a personal choice – each has a unique look and will take on the decoration added just a bit differently.  When choosing burlap you will want to use larger format stencils, rub-ons or iron-ons due to the wider weave.


Canvas Pillows – available in round, square and oblong



Burlap Pillows – available in round and square

6 – can you wash after you decorate your pillow? – if you use a washable paint such as our High Impact, Glimmer Glam, Glimmer Glaze or other fabric paints on the market you should have no issues washing your pillows, but if you add embellishments, non-washable paints, fabrics, we do not recommend washing your pillows.

7 – pillow sizes – we currently offer a pillows that range in size from 12×12 to 20×20 in round, square and oblong.  The actual sizes are not exact, we round to the nearest even size.

8 – are the pillows made in the USA – yes we cut and sew each one in our factory.

For more pillows ideas and inspiration visit our DIY Pillow Pinboard and be inspired.  Here are a few other fun projects:


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