DIY Painted Napkin Holder Box

We love how easily our blanks lend themselves to any DIY project, idea, inspiration or vision you have. We are especially excited when these projects are something that is useful and beautiful – artistic home decor, that is functional. Today Irit turns the 7gypsies 8×8 shadowbox into a beautiful, vintage napkin holder – how perfect and unique! Using  Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint, Irit transforms a Canvas Corp stained wood shadowbox into a cracked, vintage, cream and green show stopper. We love it!  This paint adheres to any surface including painted, stained and finished wood surfaces, making it a great option for covering finished old frames, dressers, trays and other wood based items that are ready for a new look.  The paint is also perfect for plastic, resin and other smooth surfaces, so you can paint wooden, plastic and other types of frames with the same color and they look perfect together.  

Hi, Irit here and this is my alteration of 7gypsies Shadow Box that was stained brown and did not fit into my kitchen/rooms color schemes. I was in need of napkin holder and the size was just perfect, I decided to alter it to this ” light vintage” piece using DIY paints and embossed paper. To make it durable I added a thick layer of clear resin over the paper.


Materials Used:

1. 7gypsies 8×8″ Stained Wood Shadow Box
2. Tattered Angels DIY Viridian Paint
3. Tattered Angels DIY Ivory Paint
4. Canvas Corp Embossed Large Floral Ivory Paper
5. Easy Cast ETI Resin
6. Watercolors
7. DecoArt Crackle Medium

Step 1:


Paint the entire shadow box with Viridian color and let it dry.

Step 2:


Cover the inside, back panel of the painted box with crackle medium and let it dry.

Step 3:


Paint over the dry crackle with Ivory paint. Try not to repeat over the already painted area if you want to get good crackles.

Step 4:


Cut a piece of ivory embossed floral paper to the size that will cover the inside of the box. Glue it into the box. Watercolor the embossed florals with your colors of choice.  The handmade paper is 100% cotton and perfect for coloring with your favorite medium including paints, pens, markers, watercolors, pastels, inks, mists and more.  the Raised flowers and leaves stand out when colored and look amazing.

Step 5:


To get your shadow box ready for daily use, cover the colored box with a thick layer of ETI Clear Cast Resin and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Distress the edges of your painted box as much as you want to get this “old” look.

Step 6:


Put your favorite napkins inside and enjoy!

This is beautiful Irit! And super useful. We’re always looking for new ways to transform our products into something that is attractive and practical. This piece hits the nail on the head!

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Happy creating!


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