DIY Steampunk Mask

Stunning is all we can say about this amazing Steampunk creation by Dapoppins. Dana created this mask for her son upon his request and the result is a masterpiece.  This work of art comes to life in the photos and we are sure they will inspire you to create something steampunk.
 DIY Steampunk Mask
 Steampunk Mask with Bowler Hat by Dapoppins
My son Keegan turned fifteen this spring. And while he did have a few totally teenage requests for his birthday that needed to be purchased at an electronics store, he also decided to ask for something he knew I wouldn’t be able to resist giving him. About a month before his birthday Keegan comes up to me and says, “Mom, could you make me a steampunk mask? A really cool half mask?” He swept his hand over the top half of his face to show me what he meant.

“I’m not sure, I’ve never made anything like that.” I told him.

The boy just grinned at me and walked away.

He asked me again a few days later. Adding more description to explain what he wanted, planting seeds of creative ideas in my head. I didn’t have the time to make a mask, but now I couldn’t let the idea go either and was constantly thinking about what I would need to make such a thing.

I have four children. While my youngest daughter is an eleven year old artist with a unique style all her own, and my other two sons are indifferent to my hobby, at the age 15 Keegan shares my love of interesting textures and tiny embellishments. He’s a budding collector of things like spinning tops and all kinds of old forgotten treasures.

I searched the internet for steampunk mask ideas only to find that ideas were scarce. There were plenty of steampunk goggles to be seen, however. I decided to use the goggles with a mask and spent a few days deciding what to order for the base of this project. was the best, most inexpensive resource. Once I had all my pieces I used a spray primer to make sure the Tattered Angles paints I wanted to use went on uniformly.

Tattered Angels High Impact Paints and Glazes

Products I used:

Supplies and Tools :

  • Spray Paint Primer Suitable for Plastic;  E6000; Paintbrushes

Steampunk mask no lenses

I knew from the beginning that I would use different Tattered Angels products to get a “patina” look on the mask, pieces, gears and other elements. Tattered Angels Paints work well on a wide range of surfaces, which helped me get the look I was trying to achieve.  For me, the key to a great look is a lot of layers. I covered all of the pieces with a combination of Tattered Angels High Impact Lt. Gold and Antique Gold to give it a cohesive vintage look ready to be embellished.

Steam punk mask 1 by dapoppins

My first layer of elements is chipboard from Creative Embellishments. Steampunk Chipboard.  I selected my pieces and painted them all with touches of the Tattered Angels Glimmer Glazes: Shindig, Pewter and Saffron.

Steam Punk Mask Side by Dapoppins

Layer assorted gears, trinkets, screws, arrows, sprockets and more to create this look, if all of the pieces are not metal, paint them to look that way and the variety of metal colors adds to the appeal of the mask.

Steampunk mask sideview 2 by Dapoppins
​The gold parts of the mask, the eyepiece, leather, and pretty much everything on the mask also received touches of Coconut Shell Glimmer Glaze. This brown glaze has a hint of green shimmer that I think adds interest and depth. I used so much I’m going to have to order a new bottle.

Steam punk mask front by Dapoppins
​I added just a bit of harlequin texture with a stencil, most of which was covered by embellishments.

Steam punk mask 2 by dapoppins

I teased Keegan a bit while putting all the bits together, having him try it on with his eyes closed to get the fit right. One of the leather straps is adjustable, one of them is not, consequently the mask only fits Keegan but there is a bit of room to grow.

When all the elements came together and the pieces were all attached, I saw Keegan’s wish come true. When I finally presented him with the final piece, with the bowler hat to finish it off, he was very pleased. He grinned from ear to ear and declared it,“Amazing!”

Steampunk mask 3 by DapoppinsThe big sign of teenager approval is that Keegan has shown the mask to all his friends, but won’t take it to school because he is afraid something will happen to it.

Wearing Steampunk Mask 2 by Dapoppins

Have you ever created a gift for a teenager?  Or had your teenager challenge you with a project that you couldn’t resist?  I have to admit, I loved making this mask for my son and giving it to him.  I pretty much love any opportunity to craft more stuff. In fact Keegan’s next challenge is to make a special steampunk box to fit both the hat and mask, and I can’t wait to get started!

Project by: Dana Sanchez  AKA Dapoppins, her website is dedicated to the things she loves: children, creativity and stories.   Filled with years of personal life lessons, attempts at craftiness, family fun, and deeply held faith.
We love that our products combined with other craft products, items found in the garage and abroad come together to create something so terrific.  This is such an amazing example of true mixed media – mixing a random group of elements together to create art.  Thanks Dana, you sure make our Tattered Angels paints look great.
Happy Creating!!!!


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