DIY Wine Cork Art

 Tiny little worlds are all the rage in gardening today. Anywhere a contained garden can be created. Cooking, coffee or tea tins are perfect for the kitchen. Fill with potting soil and some delicious herbs. Light bulbs or glass terrariums are perfect for tiny seedlings just starting to sprout. But so are wine corks. These recyclable items are the perfect fit for starting your contained garden, indoor or out. You can even add a magnet and give them a start on the fridge. So many ideas for planting these days. Today CCB Crew Member, Lena of Bruksflickan designed a wonderful wine cork container garden using recycled wine box inserts, wine corks, Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Paint Kits and some great imagination…So lets get started….
lena wine cork
I love recycling. I’m working on a cruise ship and i take lot of trash home like wooden wine box, wine corks, rusty scrap etc. Today I did this small window decoration for small plants.
Materials Used

Tools Used

  • Drill (power or hand power)
Step One

Using Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Granite Precious Stone Paint System, randomly age and distress two pieces of old wine box inserts. Let dry between coats. Add as much color and distress as you want, the choice is yours.

wine cork 9

Step Two

Next insert a small thin nail into the bottom of each wine box opening, set aside. Then attach two eyelet screws to the tops of each wine box opening, set aside.

lena wine cork 4

Step Three

Then drill a hole into the end of a wine cork 1/2 way using a power drill or hand power drill. Repeat for each cork.

lena wine cork 3

Step Four

Stuff each drilled wine cork with potting soil, then insert the them on top of the nail lined wine box holders.

lena wine cork 5

Step Five

Fill each wine cork with small plants of your choice. Add more potting soil if needed and make sure you add some water to them.

lena wine cork 6

Step Six

Add hardware chains to each eyelet screw to turn your piece, so that both pieces connect. Add more chain to the top of the first wine holder so you can hand it up.

wine cork 7

Step Seven

Finally embellish your planted wine cork holders with canvas flowers, lace trim and apothecary bottles filled w/plant food or water.

wine cork 8


For more photos and details, Lena made a video of this whole project to help you, along with the step by step instructions.
To see more of Lena’s works visit her blog; Bruksflickan or Instagram Page! To see more of her works and the rest of our CCB Crew visit our blog often.
Happy Creating!!!


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  1. May 10, 2016 @ 3:09 pm Kyriakos

    That’s a great idea. Bravo!


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