Dragonfly Delight Ringed Junk Journal

We love anything and everything journal related and that includes trying new ways to make a journal.  We had so much fun playing with the new Dragonfly Delight collection that is now being offered in a printed version by Canvas Corp.  This amazing collection was created by designer and Calico Collage founder, Novella Bouchard.  We worked together to covert the design from digital downloads to a printed version that we adore even more.  We had the chance to review each piece of art and design and print them on the perfect paper.  The art is fantastic, the designs are great to work with and the collection offers so many wonderful opportunities.

Here is a quick step out on how to make a ringed junk journal.  We use papers from the Calico Collage Dragonfly Delight collection to create the journal.  We choose papers and pieces that were 4″ x 6″ or smaller to create the not so perfect journal.

Step 1 – choose 10-12 (or more) assorted pieces of paper from the collection or your stash – the more unique the shape and size the better to give your journal a full and unique feel. You will want a front and back cover – we used matching postcards from the collection that are 4″ x 6″.

Step 2 – make the binding next by cutting a piece of paper approx. 2″ wide x 6″ tall and fold it in half the long way.

Step 3 – punch holes evenly across the 6″ channel making sure to punch in the same place on the front and the back of the folded paper to make your outside binding.

Step 4 – slip each of the 10-12 papers into the channel and mark the holes onto each sheet so that you are punching them all in the same place so they match up.  You can do this all at once if you have a fancy hole punch or one at a time with a hole punch.

Step 5 – glue your front and back covers to your channel making sure not not put glue where the holes are located.

Step 6 – choose your ring size and slip one ring in each hole and begin adding the papers – the holes should all line up perfectly (or pretty close)

Step 7 – embellish with pockets, add envelopes, slip in ephemera, write poems or notes, have fun.

Choose lined or guided papers to write poems, stories or notes.

You can make side pockets with a triangle of paper, simply wrap around the back of the sheet and glue into place and slip something cute inside.

We love mixing different size paper and cards.  You can can use the papers from the collection and add your own to make it your personal junk journal.  You can add papers and move them around, which is the benefit of the rings and the flexibility on page sizes and shapes.

You are adding the rings like earnings front to back and as you journal gets bigger you can add larger rings.

Make one style or try a few like this matching mini junk journal made from mini file folders.  Just click on the link to see how it is made, quick and easy too.

We hope you love these great ideas and this amazing paper by Calico Collage – Dragonfly Delight.  You can get the entire collection plus exclusive papers during the world-wide launch December 6th and 7th on Create and Craft TV.  As soon as we have the link we will add it to this post or you can google to find the show.  The show also features a matching set of 6 paints that were designed to match the set.



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