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Easy DIY Hand Sculpted Artisan Flower Pot

It is time to think about spring, bulbs blooming and getting your flowers pots into shape for the season. If you have old pots that have been exposed to the elements, pots that are just not the right style or maybe new pots that are boring with no personality, giving them a simple update will have you all set for Spring, but if you don’t have a flower pot or need one in a special size you can make one too.

Making your own flower pot may seem like a big undertaking, but Crew Member, Michelle Sanders makes the process look nice and easy and the end results look just like a hand sculpted flower pot.

Step 1: Form a clay pot using American Art Clay Co. – Air Dry Clay this is a great product that can be air dried or you can dry in a kiln. Form items by hand or if you have the skills or want to try throwing on a potters wheel you can do just that.

Use water to help connect the joints and smooth the seams around the bottom and where the clay joins to make the pot. Don’t forget to add small holes at this time at the bottom if you need a pot that will drain water. You can also form a small water dish to sit your pot in and capture water.

Step 2: With the tool of your choice, cut off the top to make a smooth edge that is as even or uneven as you wish. You can leave the top rustic too. Slicing the top off to get to the size you are looking for is a great way to customize. If you are making more than one, try not to make two the same height to give your flower set up a little personality.

Step 3: While the clay is still playable, create texture with lace, a sponge, textured fabric, stencil or other items with dimension or positive and negative space that will give your clay design and dimension. You can add a little or a lot of texture to your pot and to get the hand sculpted look, the more uneven and unique the pot and the texture is the better.

Step 4: When dry spray the entire pot with Krylon – Clear Acrylic Spray and allow it to dry completely overnight.

Step 4: It is now time to add color to your pot. You can do this so easily with Tattered Angles Glimmer Mist (with Mica) or Tattered Angels Simply Sheer (without mica). Take the top off and fill a dropper tool with the mist paint. This allows you to drop paint and let it drip into the texture. If you are using Glimmer Mist and want to grab some of the glimmer make sure to shake the bottle well. You can also dip in your brush into the mica at the bottom of the bottle and add a little extra metallic glimmer.

Optional: You can add texture by adding stones, glitter or other small items into the clay before it dries. You can then rub in metallic or other acrylic paint, Michelle used a Rose Gold Acrylic Paint on the bottom and also rubbed rose gold paint along the rim of the pot to give it a finished look.

Step 5: Let the pot dry completely following the manufacturers guidelines. and then your pot is ready to be filled with something alive.

You can create a collection of hand sculpted pots in different colors, different textures, different sizes and different shapes. Fill them with bulbs and wait for them to bloom, succulents, small potted plants or try growing from a seed. No matter what you gardening style is, you will definitely stand out with handmade pots that are truly artisan.

Materials Used:
Tattered Angels – “Dragonfly” Glimmer Mist
Bad Girls Couture – Glass Bead Gel
Prima – Opal Magic Rose Gold Acrylic Paint
Advantus/Sulyn – Coarse Glitter
American Art Clay Co. – Air Dry Clay
Krylon – Clear Acrylic Spray
Flat knife or cutting tool
Lace, Stencil or texture fabric
Ink dropper tool

Here are a few more fun flower pots you might want to try.

Check out this great painted flower pot with vibrant colors and cheerful design – see the details on Sara’s Pot here.
A smile painted pot with Tattered Angels High Impact Paint, White acrylic paint and a Rub on make a great hand painted pot.

It might be chilly outside, but inside it is a great time to make the perfect handmade clay pots for your your front porch, front steps, window or a gift for Mom.

Happy Creating.


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