Embellish a Bookmark by Hand-Sewing Fabric

Long winter evenings call for some quiet cozy time with our favourite (or completely new) books. Some of the pro-readers might be able to devour a book in one sitting but most of us are just amateurs and need some breaks and definitely more time. For those, a cute bookmark would be a perfect gift. Our Crew member, Carolyn Hasenfratz has just that – a hand-stitched, handmade bookmark for long reading adventures.

This project is a good way to practice hand sewing skills while having fun with mixed media! We will combine fabric, paper and buttons. If you have a vintage button collection, you can make use of a few of them here.

Materials used by Carolyn:
Canvas Corp Natural Burlap – cut out a piece 3 1/2 inches by 7 inches
Architextures™ 12×12 Paper – Day At Sea
Architextures™ 12×12 Paper – Whale of a Tale
Piece of plain cardstock – 2 1/4 x 5 3/4 – will be covered, so it can be a scrap piece
Baker’s twine, Buttons in harmonious colors
Ruler, Sewing scissors
Sharp seweing needle with eye large enough to accomodate bakers twine
Pins, Scissors, Glue stick
Bone folder/burnisher, Paper cutter
Pencil, Hole punch

First take your burlap piece and fold down and pin the top and bottom edges (the short sides) so that the piece is the same length as your cardstock bookmark piece. If it’s easier you can trim the bookmark a little to match the burlap so that you don’t have to keep pinning and repinning it until it is perfect! Here is a template that you can print out to help you cut your pieces of cardstock and fabric to the correct size.

Next pin down the longer edges. Fold the pinned burlap piece in half lenghwise and wrap it around one edge of the cardstock bookmark to see how it looks and to help you visualize what papers would look good on the bookmark. Set the burlap aside for now.

Choose a piece of paper for each side of the bookmark, keeping in mind which portions will not be covered in burlap. While you are choosing the background paper, select a paper embellishment or saying to sew onto one side of the bookmark. I liked the theme of reading at the beach or at the pool so I cut out a beach chair graphic from the paper sheet Architextures™ 12×12 Paper – Day At Sea for my embellishment. Then I chose sections from both sides of the paper sheet Architextures™ 12×12 Paper – Whale of a Tale to cover the front and back of the bookmark.
Glue your chosen papers onto each side of the bookmark. An easy way to glue paper to a piece of pre-cut cardstock is to cut your paper piece slightly larger than you need. Glue down one side, trim with a scissors, then glue and trim the other side.

Decide which side is going to be the front of your bookmark. Wrap your burlap around the bookmark again to position it. Pin or tape it in place.

Thread a sturdy, sharp needle with the baker’s twine. You will need a sharp needle to pierce all the layers of paper and fabric. Hold the bookmark with the front side toward you and sew around the inside of the rectangle formed by the folded fabric.

Sew on your paper embellishment and buttons. Punch a hole at the top of your bookmark. Cut three pieces of baker’s twine about 15-16 inches long. Use a lark’s head knot to attach them to the top of the bookmark through the hole. You’re done!

 Now all you need is a cup of hot chocolate and a book to read!

Happy crafting!

– Carolyn –
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  1. February 19, 2018 @ 10:02 am Julia Cotrim

    This bookmark is really cool! 🙂


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