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The Angels are all about fashion today! These amazing art pieces are super trendy, super cool and easy to make.  A great theme for a studio, office or tween girls room.  The nice part about it is you are recycling magazines and you can choose the fashion style you love.  Fashion magazines have been around for a long time.  Here is a great article that takes you through the timeline of the Fashion Magazine – Fashion Art Diary – History of the Fashion Magazine.  The significance of the history is you can create art to fit your style. Maybe it is vintage, maybe it is steampunk, how about 40’s glam, a little hollywood, 70’s psychedelic or today’s fashion?  You can step back in time by grabbing a magazine from the past or today that suites that style and create you art.  

Kimberly shows us how she created this trendy lady art pieces in just a few simple steps.  You can create a wide range of art just by flipping through your favorite magazines.  We are focused on fashion here, but why not nature, shoes, butterflies or even hot rod cars?  You can use the same technique to make art pieces that are great to decorate your home, give as gifts or just to get your artistic juices flowing.  
tattered angels DIY and Decor paint

Kimberly found some amazing magazines that make you want to just flip through the pages to see what is happening out there in the world of fashion. We may not all be able to wear these great outfits, shoes and glasses, but we can sure admire them.

Fashion magazines
Here is what you will need:  
Tattered Angels Decor & DIY paint – Chamoise , Mankato, Cerulcan
Canvas Corp – 12×12 Canvas Sheet
Canvas Corp – Stretched Canvas – these are available in a wide range of sizes from 2″x2″ – 16″x20″  you decide the art size you need.
Mod Podge glue
3-in-1 glue beacon
Melt art bees wax natural
Stencil folkart 2016/01
Tools Used:  iron tool , scissors, paintbrush
I’ve always wanted to try this technique out, to transfer a picture to canvas.  So I took my cute page and painted the glue onto the front side then I flipped it onto the canvas sheet carefully rubbing it onto canvas.  After the waiting game started, I pulled out a stretched canvas and added some gesso.  After that was dry, I added some Tattered Angels DIY paints using a stencil and paint brush .
Next, my picture was ready to remove the layers, so I took my spray bottle of water and misted it quite a bit, then slowly rubbed on it using my fingers to remove the layers. I was disappointed in this process using a magazine sheet – it did not turn out as I had expected it to.  I didn’t want to give up just yet, so I took out some wax and melted a small area of wax to see if it would save all of my work ….Yahoooo I saved it!! So I continued adding the wax until the whole picture was covered , then after it was cool, I cut the lady out then added her to a canvas using 3-IN-1 glue.  This was a fun canvas to make – just have fun and create. Let your imagination go in your art!
Take your stretched canvas and add some gesso to it.  I poured it on top of my canvas and took my tool and smeared the gesso all over the top of canvas. I took the edged tool and ran it through the the gesso to add texture.  Doing this step first lets you put it aside to dry while you play with your magazine art.
Step 1 fashion
After the gesso is dry, add some Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint, High Impact Paint or acrylic paint you have on hand the same way as you added the gesso, spreading it around.  Using different colors together gives you a unique background.  Choose colors that match your home decor and look great with the photo.  If your canvas is not yet dry, skip to the mixed media part and then add the paint later.
Step 2 DIY paint tattered angels
Continue this process until you get your desired look. Now you have a beautiful canvas to add mixed media art to.
Step 3 - gesso
I cut out out the magazine picture that I just loved.  I did some research on transferring magazines and photos onto canvas on Youtube and here is just one of the videos I found – How To Video Mod Podge Transfer on Canvas
Step 4 - mod podge magazine
I applied the Mod Podge to the front of the picture.  Lay the sheet of canvas on top of the image then rubbed it, then flipped it over and gently pressed it into canvas.  Next place a sheet of freezer wrap and lay the waxed side on top of it, then rub it more  into the canvas then let dry over night.  You can put a mat or something heavy on top to allow it to dry flat.  Note….your art is face down, you see the back side of the magazine ….
 Step 7 - fashion magazine
The next morning I took a spray bottle with water and misted the page, letting it set for a few minutes …. Then rub it carefully removing the paper from the canvas.  You will will leave the artwork on the canvas.  You can do this same process on a number of surfaces and they all turn out a little differently. Warning … It’s really really messy
I was not sure exactly how it would turn out, on the canvas the entire image did not show up, but it looked great.  I then took some wax and melted it into the picture!
Step 8 - detail
Now cut it out and add to your lovely painted canvas.
Step 9 - fashion page
Add glue to the back of the transferred art and apply to your background.
Step 9 - mixed media
Add a bit of lace as an accent piece.  This is a great place to use a piece of beautiful found lace.
diy fashion magazine


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