FEATURED CREW MEMBER – Angélique Jarrier

As we travel across the world to learn more about each of our designers, we learn so much along the journey.  We explore new places, see new things, find new bits of inspiration and get to know our Crew so much better.  Today we are heading to France.  Just stay the word France and a bit of “I would love to go there” travels across our minds. There is beauty in the places around all of us, but there is just something about Europe and the spectacular view, people, buildings and history.
Today we explore the creative world of Crew Member, Angélique Jarrier.  Angélique loves to explore new ways to use products, work with lots of different mediums and just try new things.
Where do you reside? – I live in Plouescat, a French town in Brittany on the northern coast of the department of Finistere, on the Coast of Legends. It is a famous resort in the region, which attracts many tourists.
Plouescat has a long coastline of about 13 km 0f sandy beaches which follow one another, massive dunes, granite boulders worn by the ages and a bay that intermingles with vast mudflats and sandbanks. The cove at low tide Kernic hosts many birds. On the coast, granite offers strange and fantastic shapes. While at sea, some islands are the refuge of cormorants, gulls and even seals. Dunes and Porsmeur Poulfoën home to a remarkable flora and very specific.
angelique step 8c
Describe your design style….  It’s hard for me to describe my style, I enjoy trying many things and use what I love, as I make each one of them. One day, I will be more into the sweet and shabby and another day I go to work with the old objects, fabrics and laces to get a vintage look.  I nevertheless always have a common thread between projects – the pleasure of discovering the possibilities offered to me with the wide range of CCB products.
I absolutely love to invent and design projects from A to Z – home decor projects to projects like this “paper sculpture”.
For example, my first project as DT – Love Box
Who or what do you give credit to inspiring your creativity? – This is my family. This is also to immortalize precious moments of life that I started scrapbooking, and now it’s my main source of inspiration.
What inspires you most today? – The old objects, traces of memories of those, past life, all this inspires me enormously. Whether altering these, drawing on ancient objects in the creation of “paper sculpture”, or through my scrap, with a tip vintage or recycling.
What is your favorite Canvas Corp Brand Product? and why? – Another very difficult questiona view to the extent of wonderful products offered by Canvas Corp Brands. But if I had to choose one, I would speak of the product that I use in all my creations, and that I use for my beginning scrapbooking, I mean Glimmer Mist inks. All tones and shades go perfectly with all styles and all sorts of projects.
What is your favorite project you have created using CCB Products? 

We love this mixed media piece that can be featured anywhere in the HOME.
Blend something old, something new, something borrowed and then any color you want to make fantastic mixed media art.

Why is it your favorite?  This is one of my favorite creations because it really represents what I like, what I am, and it inspired me. Love antique objects, an old key here filled with history.
Do you teach and if so tell us a bit about what you teach, where you go and some of your favorite places? – I have taught a lot in the past, making products démonstrations, at shows/forums, for associations, but also by organizing my own events. For some time, to be more available to my family, I travel less, but to be always present, I offer many DIY regularly on my Youtube channel.
I am the happiest doing….. I’m happiest when I share with friends or strangers around our common passion. To share, teach but also learn from others, are moment to cherish.
My favorite place to be creative….. – My favorite place to work, to create is located outside of my home, simply my garden, I work on my deck on a simple table. I need nature, sun, smells of flowers to find the necessary calm to inspiration. On rainy days, I work in my dining room not yet my scrapbook room. We are building our house, everything is still new, however, a room is reserved for me, my future scraproom is under construction.
 Tell us one cool detail about your studio or craft space… – Here is my creative space where I find inspiration, tranquility and serenity. All my equipment is assembled in a professional suitcase, I easily transported from one place to another.
Share with us anything about your creative life that you feel would inspire others…. – Two citations, the first of John Ruskin, “Art is beautiful when the hand, head and heart work together.” the second of Victor Hugo, “The art is creating clean man. Art is the necessary product and fatal limited, as nature is the necessary and inevitable product of a finite intelligence. Art is man that nature is God.”
We asked each of the Crew to make a 4″x4″ mini canvas to represent their creative style and themselves.  So much beauty on one little canvas with so many different hues, textures and dimension. 

angelique jarrier artist pseudo boule de scrap
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Take a look at Angélique’s YoutubeBlog, Instagram, and Facebook pages for more creativity and ideas!


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