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From boring plastic to Rustic Burlap Bowl

Decorating for holidays is quite an easy task since you have a theme to follow but what to do during the ‘theme-less’ time in between? No color scheme to follow, no characters to add to your decor… oh, what to do… Our Crew member, Mona Leonard came up with a solution to this problem – take an old bowl that you probably have stashed somewhere at the back of your cupboard and upcycle it to become your ‘in-between centrepiece’. 

Here’s how.

I wanted to make a centrepiece for my kitchen island for in-between the holidays. I had this old and boring plastic bowl and a bunch of foam balls.  This is what I came up with.

Products you’ll need to upcycle an old bowl:
Canvas Corp Burlap by the Yard

Canvas Corp Burlap Fringe- Aqua and Natural
Tattered Angels High Impact paint – Black
Glue gun

I started by cutting 3” strips using heavy duty scissors.

Once the strips were cut, I had to fold around 1/4 “ of the edges on both sides and glue it down using a hot glue gun.
This will prevent the strips from fraying.

burlap bowl canvas corp burlap bow upcycling

Once all the edges were glued down, I took a large plastic bowl and my glue gun and glued the burlap strips all around the bowl – both inside and outside.

I took my bow maker and my Canvas Corp Burlap fringe to make a bow for the front of the bowl.

I glued my bow to the front of the bowl and added some shredded paper inside.

I wasn’t quite satisfied with the results so took out my Canvas Corp Aqua fringe and cut it in half lengthwise giving me just enough to glue down one of the strips in the middle of my natural burlap around the bowl, leaving me the other half to make another bow to glue on top.

Now that the bowl was finished, I decided to make a bunch of balls using styrofoam balls to put inside.
I started by using my black impact paint to paint all the balls and let them dry.
I made a few using sequins by using straight pins to hold the sequins down.

This one was made using flat marbles that you put in a aquarium.
The other ones are thumb tacks, rhinestones and mini rocks.

I put them all in my bowl and this is what it looks like.

It’s a cute idea on how to make your space look homely and rustic without much effort or expenditure.
Will you give it a try?

Have a good day!


– Mona –
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  1. March 25, 2018 @ 11:56 am Julia Cotrim

    Wonderful idea and creation! Love how it turned out! TFS! 🙂


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