Garden Party with Canvas Corp - Table Setting

Garden Party with Canvas Corp – Table Setting

For most of us summer is the time when we spend more time outside. Whether it’s just enjoying the sunshine, working in garden or having a party, we will most likely spend most of our time out. With that in mind, our Home Decor Guest Designer, Angela Harkness prepared a whole range of garden party themed elements. From a table runner, through flower pot holders to cushions, she used Canvas Corp burlap and sprinkled her magic on it!

Today, she shares with us her table setting – this is the first out of three Garden Party instalments so make sure you come back next week for more!

The Garden Party projects are all designed to work together to decorate the garden for a special occasion or a traditional English Afternoon Tea. The projects have been made specifically for my own garden, but obviously you can adapt for your own set-up.

Table Runner

The quick and easy table runner will bring a touch of shabby-chic to your garden table.

Materials you will need:
Canvas Corp Table Runner – Burlap
7gypsies lace trimmings
Selection of ribbons
Sewing Machine

Select the lace trimmings and ribbons to be used for the runner.
Cut a little wider than the runner to allow for turning under a hem.

Pin the pieces in place across the runner.

Sew each piece in place using the sewing machine.
Position the sewing machine foot centrally on the narrow pieces of lace or ribbon.

Position the sewing machine foot at each edge of the wider pieces of lace or ribbon.

Rolling the runner up makes it easier to guide it through the neck of the sewing machine

Once all ribbons and lace pieces are sewn in place, trim off any threads, iron the table runner then it’s ready to use.


Cutlery Holder

The quick and easy cutlery holders will bring a touch of shabby-chic to your garden table.

You will need:
Canvas Corp Cutlery Holders – Burlap

Floral fabric
Tulle fabric
Circle template or jars to draw around
Needle and thread

Draw around a circle template or use jam jars of two differnt sizes. Cut out 3.5″ fabric circles from the floral fabric and 5″ circles from the cream tulle fabric. This was taken from the child’s dress and underskirt.

Use strong thread and sewing needle to sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle of fabric.

Once stitched completely around the circel, pull the thread to gather the fabric in on itself. Secure the centre with a couple of back stitches. This is a simple ‘Suffolk Puff’ or ‘Yo-yo’.

Repeat the running stitch and gathering technique with a double layer of the tulle fabric.

Sew the floral yo-yo centrally on top of the tulle yo-yo.

Sew a co-ordinating button in the centre.

Position the yo-yo flower on the turned back section of the cutlery holder then sew in place.

Repeat the process for the remaining cutlery holders; they are ready to decorate your garden table.


Candle Holder

The quick and easy candle pots will are a perfect way of making your candles blend in nicely with the remaining decor on your garden tables.

Make sure to have ready:
Canvas Corp Burlap fringe – natural burlap

Terracotta plant pots
Floral Fabric
Glue gun

Make 3 fabric flower yo-yos as described in the Cutlery Holder project. Cut the burlap fringe into 3 pieces approximately 11″ long. Cut three pieces of coordinating ribbon the same length.

Using a hot glue gun, glue the burlap fringe in place under the lip of the terracotta plant pots.

Attach the end of the burlap fringe with the hot glue on the back side.

Glue the ribbon in place centrally over the burlap fringe.

Attach the end of the ribbon with the hot glue on the back side.

Put plenty hot glue on the back of the fabric flower yo-yo.

Glue this in place over the overlap of the fringe and ribbon lengths.

Put a candle in the pot and then it is ready to use.

Make sure you come back for some more Garden Party ideas; we’ll have for you a set of cushions, a bunting and a pot holder.

In the meantime, you can always find more inspiration on Angela’s blog and Instagram.

See you next Friday!


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  1. August 19, 2017 @ 9:49 am Linda Simpson

    This is just amazing! I love the decorations!
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