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Gypsy travels in Search of Diamonds in the Rough, Phoenix, Arizona

Betz Golden here, traveling once again finding fabulous spots that cannot be missed by an artist and/or vintage lover. Today I explored Phoenix, Arizona! I started off  in search of Mucho Mas Art Studio — a search it truly ended up being! I learned about this mexi-style boutique through my friend’s, Lisa Kettell Designs, Instagram feed. I knew I had to visit when I saw the gorgeous bright colors and unique art pieces — both traditional canvas and mixed media. I entered the address into my navigation system and set out on my journey. It ended up being more of a hunt than I anticipated. When I arrived at the location it appeared to not be there. Instead there was an adorable little market and chic bohemian store. I drove around the building and there I saw it in the back behind the ally — Mucho Mas! I found directions on what appeared to be the entrance of the store instructing me to go around the building and enter through Galeana 39.

Galeana 39 was a wonderful surprise! I was welcomed into the store by the owner, Curtis Parhams (, 602-559-7791).

Curtis told me the history of the store. It was named after the street of his first store he owned in New Mexico. He started his business with hand making toxin free essential oil candles — which are still the best sellers in his store.

He branched out finding global pieces that are one of a kind. There was a bed from India to hand milled sea salt in beautiful hand sewn bags made by women in Mexico that helps support them and their families.

You can find Galeana 39 on Instagram @Galeana39 or visit the store Tuesday – Saturday 11-4.

I ventured towards the back of the store to Mucho Mas Art Studio.

It was like an amusement park for my eyes!

I was giddy with excitement as I wondered from art piece to art piece.

The walls were black which provided the perfect back drop to the bright colorful art the adorned them.

The mex-style boutique not only is a place to purchase art, but also a studio and gallery.

Classes are offered and there was a table in which artist work in the shop at various times. Art pieces vary from canvas to mixed media.

A decked out rotary phone in gems was a fantastic show stopper.

One of the most unique things I have ever seen were the prints by Emily Costello. These prints were actually small canvases.

Mucho Mas Art Studio is on Facebook and Instagram, @MuchoMasArtStuido or stop by Wednesday – Saturday 11-4.

My next shop I found on route to a store Curtis from Galeana 39 recommended (that is a little later in this article). Retro Ranch is next to a gentlemen’s club. I am so glad I parked and went in! This store had some of the best retro cowboy inspired swag and home decor around.

A line of cowboy boots (some with rhinestones) and cowboy hats greeted me upon entry.

There was a huge selection of denim. Everything from Wranglers to jean jackets. Across the store was a wonderful selection of retro home goods.

There even was a basket of free lemons by the from door. To learn more about Retro Ranch check out their website: or stop by the store Tuesday – Sunday 11-6 (4303 N 7th Ave Phoenix AZ).

My last shop of the day was recommended by Curtis from Galeana 39. It was a 1990’s vintage inspired minimalist boutique owned by Michelle Nuenz.

Michelle is a former graphic designer that started designing scarves. She eventually took the leap and opened Noons. The store had a chic modern industrial design.

Half the store had 1990s vintage finds.

The rest was full of local artists and products. Michelle was a thoughtful and kind conversationalist passionate about the community and environment.

For more information on the store location and hours contact Noons at and follow on Instagram @_ _ _noons.

My last stop of the day was an amazing coffee house.

This place is by far the coolest coffee stop I have ever been to — and that is saying a lot because I have been to a ton. Copper Star Coffee (4200 North 7th Ave in Phoenix 602-266-2136) is an old gas station that still has the vintage pumps in front of the store serving as the drive thru.

A nice patio welcomed customers as they entered the shop. Not only was the coffee house amazing to look at, but the menu was extensive and delicious.

They even had gluten free options. They give you a complimentary pastry of your choice on your first visit. It was the perfect end to a fabulous day!

Each of these places I visited all had two things in common. They were huge supporters of their community and environment. Each place carried eco-friendly products and were passionate in their support of the environment. Next time you are in Phoenix I hope you take some time to explore a few of these places.

They truly are diamonds in the rough!

Betz Golden


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