gypsy travels to moscow

Gypsy Travels to Moscow, Russia

The Russian capital never ceases to inspire, confound and delight its visitors in some unexpected way. The city of extremes: on one hand is its remarkable past, while on the other hand you can see the capital city buzzing with the energy typical of the 21st century. This combination only increases the intrigue called Moscow, and beckons you even more.

Our Gypsy girl, Yulia Popkova, takes us on walk around one of the flea markets in this city of treasures of the days gone.

Get ready to feast your eyes on the most random findings you can dream of…

gypsy travels to moscow

A trip to a flea market is more than shopping, it’s more adventurous than sport. It’s an excursion into unknown… because you never know what you might find amongst the piles of other people’s unwanted goods.

gypsy travels to moscow

Nowhere else in the city are the national characteristics manifested so clearly. It’s the old clashing with the new; the mixture of everything and everyone; the lively atmosphere and vigour…

gypsy travels to moscow

Let’s take a look on some of the amazing findings and treasures…

gypsy travels to moscow

Russian flea markets are not a place where goods are organised to hang in rows, each with attached price tag. They are a place where there are no rules or order; they are a place where goods are sold for the best price offered and to the lucky buyer who finds them amongst others… It’s a real treasure hunt!

gypsy travels to moscow

Flea market is a rare opportunity to see and purchase in one place goods belonging to different eras and having a very different purpose.

gypsy travels to moscow

Here, there is ancient furniture, a variety of utensils, clothes, books… You can find old toys, porcelain dolls, carved glass bowls… Anything and everything…

gypsy travels to moscow gypsy travels to moscow gypsy travels to moscow

Flea market is always unpredictabile… You have to search but you never know what you might find…

gypsy travels to moscow gypsy travels to moscowIn the worst case scenario… you can always stick to some truly gypsy jewellery…

gypsy travels to moscow

Are you packing your bags yet?

We certainly are getting ready for our next gypsy adventure… wherever the wind takes us…

See you there!!!


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