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In honor of National Book Lover’s Day we wanted to share Dana’s story.  We all have our favorite books, look for new books and some of us explore books of the past.  Dana has found a resource for books that have helped make America what it is today and she is embarking on a exploration through these books.  
Library Of Congress
I live about 30 miles away from Washington, D.C., home to one of the greatest places on Earth, the Library of Congress (LOC). I have visited the library many times to take in the beautiful history, architecture, and of course, all of the books, which include Thomas Jefferson’s personal collection. I recently acquired a LOC Readers Card which allows me access to the reading rooms. The public is not allowed to check out books, but reading and researching in person on site is highly encouraged. During my latest visit there was an exhibit entitled “America Reads.” In 2012, a group of curators and subject experts in the LOC developed the exhibit, “Books That Shaped America.” The group chose 88 core books by American authors that had a profound effect on American Life. This group asked the public to name other books that shaped America and to vote on which of the 88 books were most important to them. The top 40 vote-getters for the other books that shaped America are on display along with the public’s top choices from the original 88 selections. I have a list of all the books, those chosen by the curators and the American public, and this is my new reading list. I have read a handful of the the books, but think it would be fun to read all the books. The Top 25 favorite books, as chosen by America from the original 88 selections, is my starting point. Once I read those I’ll pick up the remaining 63 from the list. I’ve also included the titles from Americas Top 40 Nominations for 2016. While I’m at it, I figured it would be fun to read this list as well.
During her journey, Dana created a journal to share with us.  Mini books and journals can capture a past adventure or help you map out a future plan.  Jotting down names of books, your bucket list, places you want to visit, maybe silly tourist attractions that are off the beaten path. No matter what your journal is about, the 7gypsies Junque Book is a great place to begin. The pages are all different and you can add more paper, folders, postcards, etc.  If you have more to say, make more journals!!!!
Tools Used:  Scissors; Stapler; Adhesive: Glue, Tape Runner


I glued red burlap to the back of a vintage brass heart to make a fun embellishment for the album cover. I love books!
I’ve made a note of the date on the inside cover to mark the start of my reading adventure. I’ve included a file folder of photos of some of the breathtaking sites to be seen at the Library of Congress.
I’ve used the lined pages of the book and Naked Side Tabs to record the lists of books. I’ve noted the books that I have read with a red check mark. I’ve added some great artist trading cards from the Affirmations Kit to a couple of the pages as encouragement. I’ve left quite a few of the pages blank. I’m sure that I will find inspiring passages to add while I read. On the back inside cover (not shown) there is a spot to record the date when I have finished reading. If you’d like to read along with me, you can find the reading lists and more information about the exhibit.
If you love to read, maybe you are looking for an extra credit idea for your students or maybe you want to explore the titles and what they are all about, check out the “list” and start your journey.
To see more of Dana’s journey and maybe an update as she makes her way through the list, follow her blog  – They Call Me Tatar Salad
Happy Reading and Happy Creating!!



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