Heart in a tin

Heart in a tin – Valentine’s Day gift

Looking for a fun repurpose craft idea for Valentine’s Day?  Well we have a great one for you.  These tin cans were collected, altered and transformed into a little Valentine’s Day gift filled with love.  This is a great idea for a classroom project, girl scout troop, weekend project with the kids or craft night with ladies.  The tins can be filled with tiny little treasures and can be personalized with a special little message.  
Heart in a tin

Collect and clean up tin cans used for a wide range of food products.  It is best to find cans where the lids are not too sharp or bend and hammer them down so they are not sharp.  Most people throw the lids away when preparing a meal, you might suggest they keep the lids for this project as they add a cute element, but are not required  You can leave the outside label on as you will be covering it with paper.

Materials Used:

Tools Used: Craft knife, Scissors, Vinyl glue, Pliers, Hot glue gun

Heart in a tin - top view Step 1: Measure the diameter of the tin and cut 2 heart shapes out of canvas a bit smaller to fit in it. Glue the heart shapes around leaving one edge open. Fill it them with scrap canvas pieces or Polyfil to create small pillows, then glue the open edge. Spray with the red mist and let it dry. If you want to use softer filling, mist the canvas first and then fill the heart to avoid over soaking.

Heart in a tin 1

Step 2 – Cut along stripes of the Live Love Laugh paper to the width of your tin side. Glue the stripe around the tin.  You can choose from a  wide range of papers including Valentine’s papers, red papers, love papers, there are lots of choice… Canvas Corp Papers

Heart in a tin 2

Step 3 – Using hot glue gun or fabric glue, place the ivory fringe inside the tin to cover the sides.

Heart in a tin 3

Step 4 – Cut a circle from the canvas measuring less than the bottom of tin and glue them in. You can add some lace around the sides of the tin to add height and to give more decoration.

Heart in a tin 4

Step 5 – If you still have the top to your tin can or it is still attached that is great.  If it is detached you can use magnets to attache them together.

Heart in a tin 5

Step 6 – Add some chain in the key and 7 gypsies embellishments. Add a note, a folded love letter, or cut a naked ticket in half, stamp a “MY” word onto the ticket, distress it with some ink and place in the tin.

Heart in a tin 6


These are also great little gifts you can send to the classroom when your child is asked to make Valentine’s Day Cards for the class.  It might be a bit late this year to collect enough cans, but what a fun idea to collect throughout the year and plan for next year, so if time is tight, make these one for your teacher, coach, best friend, babysitter or maybe one for Mom.Heart in a tin

To see more of Kyriakos’s clever work, visit his blog, The Crafts World.


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'Heart in a tin – Valentine’s Day gift' have 4 comments

  1. February 4, 2016 @ 9:00 pm Mary Ann Evans

    Love the tins. B U T what about the sharp edges?….especially for school children. I have cat food cans and can’t tell how many times I’ve cut myself. Really do like the concept.


    • February 5, 2016 @ 11:09 am ccbrands

      Thank you for your comment, we suggest using pliers to round out the sharp edges on the lids and the cans where needed, the lid will not actually be used, so changing the size and shape a bit will not hurt or simply use the can with the finished edges and throw the lids away.


    • February 5, 2016 @ 12:07 pm Kyriakos

      Hello! The tins used weren’t sharp at all, however they weren’t cat food cans, it crossed my mind when making them. I pay attention to details like what you mentioned and I wouldn’t suggest it if it could cause any trouble.
      If you find sharp edges you could easily use some sandpaper to smooth the edges. Hope it helps 🙂


  2. February 5, 2016 @ 11:02 am sue bowen

    Heart in a tin ….so cute and adorable .Love the idea as it can be made for all sorts of occasions . Need to add small tins to my ever growing list of collectables

    Sue x


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