How To Make A Lemonade Bar…Beverage Recipes Included!

In honor of National Lemonade Day we wanted to show you a few ways to make lemonade out of lemons!!!!  Fall may be coming right around the corner, but summer is not over yet!  Drink bars are so fun and so easy to put together for a block party, DIY wedding, birthday party, holiday party, bunko, or for a family get together.  The drink bars today are all about lemonade, but they can be all about sweet tea, water, punch, adult beverages or a great combination.  Canvas Corp created the cutest line of papers called Mixology that is the perfect companion to your lemonade or drink bar with sweet little signs, drink tags and even invitations.  

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Here are a few hits to creating your beverage bar:

1. Gather like containers – no need to buy anything – choose all clear, all white, all colorful or a combination – mason jars, pitchers, buckets, ice bucket, sugar bowl, milk container, glasses, tea cups and more.

2. Look for some unique recipes that give your drinks a special little twist – for example, offering 2-3 different lemonades is a fun way to create your bar and give your guests something new to try – consider having the recipes there for guest to take.

3. Add read fruit – cut up lemons, limes, strawberries, oranges, etc. and drop them into your drinks – if there are left overs they make great props too.

4. If it is a big gathering and lots of cups are needed, choose plastic and place Sharpie pens near by so that each guest can jot their name on their cup.

5.  Mark the adult beverages with a tag or card ADULT BEVERAGE OR OVER 21 so there is no question which one those under 21 should choose.

6. Create little chalkboard or canvas signs letting your guests know what they are getting ready to enjoy or the “rules”  – grab a cup, add your name, plop in some ice, choose your beverage, enjoy.

Start your drink bar with an old dresser, cart or stand alone piece. Crew Member Kimberly shares this sweet little cart that can be placed anywhere at the party.  

Lemonade Bar

Recipe Card – handwritten

Let’s have a lemonade party! Go gather up some yummy Canvas Corp Brands fabrics, ropes , banners, papers, stretched canvas, and paint.

Lemonade Bar made with Canvas Corp papers and fabric.

Adding some handmade, repurposed objects gives the bar a unique look that is so inviting.  Here is what she used.  


Yellow & Ivory Ribbon Stripe
Lime Green & White Dot Reverse
Yellow on white card stock
Green on white cardstock
Mixology: Lemonade & Sweet Ice Tea Saying
Stretched canvas
Cord – Hemp Rope Hank – Yellow 45′
Cord – Hemp Rope Lime Green 45′
Small Clothespins – Avocado
Mini Clothespins- Yellow (25 pieces)
Ticking lime

Here is how she put it together:

Start with a cart, counter or cabinet, then locate or purchase a drink container. There are many great ones out there at your local discounter or try TJMaxx, Home Goods or Tuesday Morning. Hint: make sure they don’t leak. The cheaper you buy, the more likely the seal will not last, so it is worth spending a bit more, but you still want to check it before using it to make sure.

Next locate some great recipes if you have not already so you have a feel for the color theme of your lemonade or drink bar.

Using the Mixology Paper Collection you can create fun signs for your containers and drink bar.  Depending on the size of the space you can make a range of little details.  

If you have cool glasses that match your theme and enough for a small gathering terrific. For larger groups pick up clear or maybe an accent color that coordinates with your color theme.

Kimberly’s space has the perfect spot for a banner that is oh so cute. You can also hang one above your bar with the letters DRINK BAR OR LEMONADE STAND.

If some of the drink containers are low to the ground, a painted terra cotta pot is a great way to raise it up. 

Kimberly also shares with us her drink recipes. There is nothing like homemade lemonade! 

Lemonade Bar Recipe Cards

Lemonade Recipes

Old Fashioned Lemonade
First make a simple syrup:
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup water
Add sugar and water into pan bring to boil stirring , set aside to cool

2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
3-4 cups water
Mix simple syrup with the fresh lemon juice to the 3 cups water then add one cut lemon to lemonade.

Old Fashioned Lemonade Margaritas
1/2 cup of homemade lemonade
1 lime wedge
1 ounce Tequila
Rub lime wedge into top of glass then dip glass into salt. Then, squeeze the lime into a glass. Add lemonade, tequila, and ice then stir!

You can make pitchers of the recipe too and place one on each table.  The lemon slice is a nice extra touch.

View More: yellow is not your color your you love pink, introduce a little pink lemonade, water and brighten things even more. To see all the details on this Lemonade Bar Click Here.


Happy Creating!!!


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