How to make your own Creative Coffee Bar – “Buffet of Beans”

We certainly love our coffee around here! It’s the perfect pick-me-up boost in the mornings, especially as the weather turns cooler. Most people grab their coffee on the go as they rush out the door to work, but Marie Nicole shows us how you can turn your cup-o-joe into a fun, social gathering! We love this fun Coffee Bar she arranged using simple items most people already have in their homes. The finishing, creative touches use Canvas Corp burlap and papers from the Beans and Bags Mix and Match Pad and it pulls this all together perfectly! Read on as she walks us through her “buffet of beans”.

It's so easy to put together a fun Coffee Bar with items you already have on hand! Just add a few last touches with Canvas Corp and you will want to invite all your friends for a "sip n' chat"!

First of all, let me admit that I am not an avid coffee drinker! I have some friends who live on coffee, but for me its more like a treat I have now and then or if I’m having a terribly hard time getting a start in the morning. I absolutely LOVE the smell though and coffee and doughnuts is the perfect way to sit down and chat with a friend.

When I saw the Beans and Bags papers I knew I had to create a fun little coffee bar! This paper features beautiful coffee and tea themed art on kraft and ivory papers, so I grabbed them and some supplies I already have on hand. One trick when putting together a treat bar of anytime is to find a common theme – that could be using the same color dishes and serving pieces, choosing a single color that is found across the display or purposefully mixing it all up with a very intentional goal to make if feel eclectic.  I choose to start with all my dishes plain white.  Collecting white dishes is a great hobby and you can find super deals at places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning to add to your collection.  No need for them all to match.  You can mix it up a bit, just keep them all white.  I find that white dishes are great for any occasion because they fit with any theme and color palette!

"Have Some Coffee" Fun little burlap banner that fits perfectly on this coffee bar. Love those Canvas Corp papers!

First thing I did was create a banner that I could display over my coffee bar. Does this one look familiar? I used it previously on my S’mores Bar earlier this summer.  All I had to do was change the word “s’mores” to “coffee”. I think being able to re-use decorations is a fabulous way to stretch your stash. The burlap and black and kraft papers just work beautifully with the color scheme of this coffee bar, anyway!  Displaying a banner over photos or home decor pieces that coordinate is a great way to incorporate a fun bar into your everyday living and if you plan it right, not require you to add any new holes in the wall.

Galvanized three tiered serving tray is perfect for housing mugs and coffee cups for your home coffee bar.

You might also recognize this galvanized serving tray, as I also used it on my s’mores bar. Having pieces like this that transition from one project to the next make it so easy to create fun displays like this.  Be on the look out for cool decor pieces like this that are eclectic and function at the same time.  It was the perfect size to house my mugs, coffee cups and a few other fun items. I slipped paper straws into whole coffee beans instead of the little plastic stir sticks and I love the look.  They’re so much prettier and more fun!  The coffee beans also add a wonderful aroma to the set up, even before the coffee is brewed.

Use some fun paper straws as stir sticks for your coffee!

Adding a little greenery to your display like I did here with this succulent is also a fun and interesting twist!

Add a little greenery to your coffee bar with succulents. This one in a mug fits perfectly with the coffee theme!

Moving on! I placed our humble little coffee maker next to the serving tray. Underneath it, I placed a white platter to catch any spills or splatters that might happen. Don’t want to stain the Skinny Burlap Runner!  The little “Drink Me” sign on top was made from the Beans and Bags papers and is meant to be a little nod to Alice’s tea party.  The papers have vintage coffee and tea cups and would also be perfect for place cards, food tags or to use on the invitations.

Canvas Corp coffee bar

What do you like to put in your coffee? The traditional and most widely used items are sugar and creamer. While I don’t have a cute little creamer dish, I do have a gravy boat! It’s a little bigger than a creamer but works just the same. I tied a little Jute Cord around the handle and added a tag that I found from the Beans and Bags papers. It gives it such a rustic, farmhouse look.

Dont have a creamer dish for your coffee bar? Use a gravy boat! It works the same way!

There’s also so many different types of sugar that can be used as well! Plain white granulated sugar is always a safe go-to, but you could also use raw sugar. Here, I opted for organic cane sugar. It looks so pretty in a little dish with a tiny spoon! The tag on front is also from the Beans and Bags papers.

Organic cane sugar for you coffee bar

Next to the sugar I placed several of Canvas Corp’s Burlap Saggy Baggies that I filled with fun items. I rolled down the tops of the bags a little bit and placed some drinking glasses inside. Then, I filled the glasses with some whole coffee beans and stored the spoons in one, and placed a little vanilla candle in the other. Vanilla and coffee? Smells heavenly! The bag in the back is filled with some hazelnut filled cookies. Personally, one of my favorite treats!

Canvas Corp's burlap saggy baggies look great filled with fun items for your coffee bar!
I also filled one of my large coffee mugs with some beans and a candle. There’s lots of fun little ways to get creative with your decorating!

Coffee beans in a large white mug with a vanilla candle. Smells heavenly!

You can’t have a coffee bar without donuts or muffins of some kind, right? I placed some jumbo chocolate chip muffins and a few sour cream donuts on my cake stand and added another tag from the Beans and Bags papers. There are tags in those papers for everything! It makes setting up a coffee bar fun and easy! I also used some Canvas Corp Printed Tissuestock underneath the baked goods. I just cut it into a circle and placed in on top of the cake stand. Easy, peasy!

Add fun little tags to your baked goods! Dress up your baked goods with some Canvas Corp Tissuestock and coffee themed tags!

Lastly, I wanted to add a fun little sign to my buffet, so I grabbed one of my Chalkstock Placemats and a piece of chalk and added this fun little quote. I am by no means a professional chalkboard artist, but you really don’t have to be! Guests will get a laugh and appreciate your humor, anyway! (They might even hate you a little bit for getting that song stuck in their head)

Canvas Corp's chalkstock placemats also work great for making fun chalkboard signs!

So that’s pretty much it for my little coffee bar! All these ideas are quick, simple, and easily replicated. I love putting together parties where I can reduce the stress of hosting and just enjoy being with my guests and having a good time! Your guests will appreciate your relaxed presence, as well.

Canvas Corp's Coffee Bar

Hopefully this gives you some ideas and inspiration! We love how Marie shows us that setting up a party or gathering doesn’t have to be stressful or overly fancy. 

Have you hosted a CCB party or event? We’d love to to see! Tag us on any of our social media sites and we’ll find you! Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook group, Canvas Corp Brands Collective, to share your creations and see what’s happening at CCB! 











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