vintage craft supplies How To Use 7gypsies Architextures

How To Use 7gypsies Architextures

We have had emails, comments and cheers for the new 7gypsies Architextures Collection and also a few questions like “How do I use Architextures?,” “What inspired you to create Architextures?” and “What are each of the different Architextures elements used for?”. We love questions and we love to answer them, so we thought we would put this blog post together to share the questions and answers with everyone. So… Do you want to know how to use 7gypsies Architextures? We asked the gypsies these all important questions and here is what we found out…

7gypsies Architextures Short Bases

question #1 – how do I use 7GYPSIES Architextures?

the gypsies – the easiest answer is… any way you wish!!!  The gypsies don’t really follow the rules, but to be a bit more specific we can answer this question in a few different ways.  Architextures is a collection of embellishments and tools that were inspired by found objects, many of the items are adhesive and others can be glued or rubbed onto your artwork, so the first way to answer is stick them, glue them or rub them onto any craft project. Another way to answer this question is to think of the products as mixed media elements and use them just as you would in a layering process to get the look you are going for.

Layer the different elements to create wonderful layouts that fit the theme and design you are looking for.

question #2 – what inspired you to create Architextures?

the gypsies – everyone knows how much we love all things old, found, fun and even a bit quirky and we were struggling to find craft products to create mixed media and other vintage art that did not look all the same. You can find lots of vintage out there these days, but a lot of it looks alike and you can only add so many flowers, keys and gears to a project, so we wanted to introduce something new that inspired us and we hope will inspire you. We stepped out of the traditional themes and choose items we love to collect, love to look at, love to use and… just plain love.

vintage cameras

Flea Market Shopping for vintage item

vintage camera sticker

question #3 – What is each of the DIFFERENT ARCHITEXTURES elements used for?

the gypsies – think of each one as a layer on your project; whether it is a mixed media piece of art, layout, card or something else you dreamed up. You start with a surface (the Artboards, the Ledgers & Books or Papers), next you add a bit of texture (the Tall and Short Bases and the Junque Packs), you might add some design to the background (the Parchment Rub-Ons and parts of the Junque Packs), then you add your layers (papers, Trinkets, Treasures and Findings , Tin Tiles and the Stash Paques) with embellishments that become the focal point and accents of your design; all that along with photos, found object, metal pieces and other things you love. Each of the elements works with the other elements, but they also each stand on their own and can be used in many different ways. We have linked each of them to their page in the shop where you can read more about how to use each of the elements and see them close up and personal.

question #4 – are the products only used for paper crafts and mixed media?

the gypsies – we have to answer this one with a big fat NO. They can be used for anything from home decor projects, seasonal crafts, shallow boxes, party invitations and so much more. Think of Architextures like a mini set of vintage elements you can add to anything you wish and get the look and feel you love to get when you walk through a vintage market, salvage yard or barn sale. You want one of everything, but what do you do with a vintage bedspring, set of old bottles or a collection of glass jars… you want to put them on display, store things in them… well… now you can add them to your creative world. Another fun fact… check out the packaging! each item comes with printed vintage art right on the packaging that you can use right along with the embellishment, so you almost get two for one.

FUN letter decor

question #5 – can i use architextures on my journal pages?

the gypsies – great question and this answer is a big YES. The slightly dimensional, realistic pieces fit perfectly onto journal pages and even journal covers. Some of them are a bit more dimensional then others, so you will want to choose which items you feel will fit best. Many of the styles are terrific for highlighting a passage or memory you are jotting down.

journal page with Architextures

Architextures work well with all styles from vintage to modern. Just open the door and walk right in to a new world of creativity.

question #6 – I am addicted to my PLANNER, but love the vintage look TOO, can i use the trinkets, treasures and findings TO DECORATE my pages?

the gypsies – another good question and you know that the answer is going to be YES, but there is a little more to this… if you look at some of the elements, they were designed just for planners, journals and agendas like the vintage alphabets, pens, typewriter and more.  You can add them to pages of journals, agendas, mini books and of course your planner.

trinkets treasures and findings

question #7 – can i paint on the JOURNAL AND BOOK PAGES?

the gypsies – absolutely!!! We made sure they were a nice weight paper that will hold up to paints, texture mediums, embellishments and other creative goodies and so far so good.

Baroque book Architextures

Crew Member and certified gypsy, Vicki Ross, uses the journals to paint beautiful flowers, trying different paints and mediums to see which ones she like the best.  The pages are already distressed, making it easier to start arting.

how make an art ledger


the gypsies – you know the answer is going to be YES, but again there is a little gypsy magic behind the answer.  Trinkets, Treasures and Findings were sized to fit perfectly for making cards and smaller projects, but are also large enough to be used for bigger projects.  So many craft embellishments are too tiny or get lost on the project; we wanted to give a wide range of focal points to help you tell your story or share your message through your cards.  All love the 7gypsies papers are 80# cardstock, making them perfect card bases too.
architextures tall bases

question #9 – can you paint or change the color of the architextures items?

the gypsies – once again the answer is YES. Each of the elements is made to look and feel like the real thing, some of them look like glass, others like metal and yet others like cloth. You can distress, ink, paint them all to change the color, make them look older or add to them. Choose the paints based on the surface for best results. Tattered Angels High Impact is a great choice for full coverage if the goal is to change the color of the item completely, but there is no need to paint them if you don’t want to, they just peel and stick and you are ready to create.

painted Treasures

Crew Member Shannon green distressed this concrete urn adding touches of green, grey and white to make it look even older.

question #10 – can i use the bases as a stencil?

the gypsies – we created the bases for a few different uses and one of them is definitely as a stencil, while not all of them make terrific stencils, some are better used as masks, where you lay it down, mist or paint the outline and then lift leaving behind the outlined design and after using as a mask or stencil you can still add it to your craft creating negative and positive designs that all work so well together.

Mixed Media Stencils

Place the stencil onto the surface and mist, paint or pencil in the open areas and when you are done lift, let the surface dry and you can then use the same embellishment as a part of your art.

mixed media texture medium chicken wire

question #11 – i have never used parchment rub-ons before. how do they work and what can i put them on?

the gypsies – we have always had rub-ons but they were small, the amount of designs on one sheet was limited, had black art and the carrier was flat and not very flexible. We worked on the unique technology of applying pressure sensitive ink to a sheet of parchment paper, so we called them Parchment Rub-Ons. A full sheet that measures 16’x24′ is full of amazing art that can be cut out and rubbed on with ease onto a wide range of surfaces including paper, book pages, canvas, book covers, smooth fabric and more. While they are not ideal for glass or slick surfaces, we have seen it done. You will want to use a smooth pointed end like a pen where the ink point is not released or a flat surface you can across the object, we suggest starting at one end and working your way across. The end results look like a vintage stamped piece of art. In one sheet you get the art of over 100 different stamped style designs. After you use a few, fold up the sheet, put it in the plastic bag and store for later.  No need for stamps, inks or the clean up.

post parchment rub on

The Pose Parchment rub on is filled with faces, fun sayings and girly things that are so fun to work with. Ilana shows us how it works on canvas and the amazing vintage feel it gives, when you rub your hand across it feels like it is part of the fabric.

architextures rub ons

Here Ilana is showing off how well they work on paper, over layers, on photos, tying the entire layout together.

question #12 – why can i not find all the trinkets, treasures and findings in the shop?

the gypsies – that is a very good question. One of the ideas behind Architextures is to create a treasure hunt feel – just like when you shop garage sales, flea markets, vintage shops, barn sales and antique stores… you never know what you will find and it is a hunt to find just what you need and some things you might not need, but know you have to have. We partnered up with Michaels to offer some exclusive Trinkets, Treasures and Findings that you will not find anywhere else. The unique designs are awfully fun and it is worth a trip through Michaels to see the designs they choose and add to your Architextures collection. Here are a few examples.

Collections of Milk Glass fill grandmothers’ cabinets and you can still taste the candy she used to keep in them.

milk glass vintage finds

We captured the essence of milk glass in these tiny trinkets that look like they could be glass.  These little versions can be a part of your creations, but you will have to drop by a Michaels store to grab them.

milk glass vintage stickers

We also came across these awesome lady vases and thought what a great idea for Trinkets and they turned out pretty cute.

architextures at Michaels

So if you are a collector of vases, candlesticks, milk glass or other vintage finds, then you will love to start collecting 7gypsies Architextures Treasures, Trinkets and Findings and you will find that Michaels does not have all the same designs 7gypsies does, we created our own exclusives.

lady vase collectors

So let the treasure hunt begin and start creating with these new vintage craft products that we know you are going to fall in love with if you have not already.  We are working on the 2018 designs and would love to hear your ideas for new vintage creations, share your wish list below.

To see the entire 7gypsies Collection View Here and to see the Michaels Architextures Collection (you will find more in the stores than what you will find online) – you will also find collections at Beverly Fabrics, Pat Catan’s Stores, online on Blitsy and other fine retailers.  Each assortment will be a little different.










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  1. July 18, 2017 @ 9:53 am kimberly

    I love love love ARCHITEXTURES they are so fun to work with … so easy to add to any project your making … just create and have fun ,(hint) I found that sometimes to figure out exactly where I want to add my ARCHITEXTURES to my project I will slightly trim the plastic backing so I can see if that’s where I want to add them before I remove the backing to add to my projects.. this way I know for sure what it looks like… this has been one of my most favorite items for mixed media projects …. it makes them POP! thank you CCB for creating such fun and wonderful products… I’m looking so forward to future products… kimberly


    • July 18, 2017 @ 2:43 pm ccbrands

      Thanks Kimberly – we loved designing the line and seeing all the creative ideas everyone is making with them. More to come, we promise!!!


  2. July 18, 2017 @ 2:27 pm Jean Marmo

    Such a wonderful article!!! LOve all the information!


    • July 18, 2017 @ 2:43 pm ccbrands

      Thank you and we hope it inspires new creative ideas!!!!


  3. July 19, 2017 @ 4:24 am Judy

    I have always enjoyed 7 Gypies, but have found it very hard to locate. As a owner of a small local brick & mortar store I was very disappointed that you chose to carry some products exclusively at Michael’s.


    • July 20, 2017 @ 11:59 am ccbrands

      Judy thank you for your comment. We chose to have exclusive items that only our brick and mortar stores were able to buy as well, not making them available to any of the larger box stores. This gives everyone an opportunity to have their own collection, with a bit of cross over. We also created the line with a “treasure hunt” style concept in hopes that customers would learn about the products in their favorite shop and begin to search for them to find new and different items. Each shop can curate the collection for their customers. We would have happy to preview the exclusive items available to you and your customers and together we can offer the consumer a wide range of new craft products to work with.


  4. July 20, 2017 @ 2:40 pm Susan

    I really didn’t find this helpful. 7 Gypsies has been a favorite of mine from day one. I love these new pieces but would like to see more ideas. Do we need a little “gypsy caravan” group on FB?


    • July 20, 2017 @ 2:49 pm ccbrands

      Susan we are sorry this article was not helpful. We have been asked these questions and so we wanted to share them with everyone. You will find ideas daily on our blog using Architextures and also in our FB group The Canvas Corp Brands Collective where you can interact with our Crew and ask questions, they share their projects and you can even share yours (ask to join today, we would love to have you). We are also quite active on Instagram and Pinterest with ideas featured almost daily. Architextures can be used in a wide range of different ways and there are so many exciting projects already using them on the blog with more to come every week. You can also search in the blog for Architextures and a wide range of projects will come up.


      • July 21, 2017 @ 4:34 pm Susan

        Thank this helps a lot.


  5. July 21, 2017 @ 10:36 pm Mary Holshouser

    I went to the local Michael’s today and they don’t have
    any of these products. Didn’t even know what
    7gypsies was. Very disappointing.


    • July 23, 2017 @ 10:33 am ccbrands

      Mary thanks for sharing this with us. What Michaels did you visit? Town? We are in a vast majority of the stores as part of the Mixed Media section. We would love to look into this further and apologize that you did not get to see the collection live.


  6. July 24, 2017 @ 9:52 am Karla Yungwirth

    What a great article with so many helpful and creative tips! Love the samples!! Can’t wait to check out the exclusive goodies at Michaels- so exciting! Thanks for all your amazing creativity ❤️


    • July 24, 2017 @ 10:03 am ccbrands

      Thanks Karla – have fun on your treasure hunt!!!


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