How to Use Chalkstock Placemats for Your Tablesetting

Today we would like to share with you how easy it is to set an attractive table. You don’t need the fanciest dishes or the most expensive decor. In fact, you probably already have everything you need.  Canvas Corp’s Chalkstock Placemats could be just the thing you need alongside what you already have to take your table a step further. Crew member Marie Nicole explains to us how she put together this simple rustic tablescape for us.

DIY tablescape with chalkboard placemats

I recently received a sample of Canvas Corp’s Chalkstock Paper in one of my last orders. I was immediately in love with it so I went ahead and ordered the Canvas Corp Chalkstock Placemats. I have a number of simple ideas in mind for how to use them, but first I wanted to use them for their intended purpose – as placemats.

Here’s a quick video I put together just to show you how easy it is to write on these placemats, AND how easy it is to clean them off and use them again!

I looked up some fun quotes that went along with the dining theme and wrote them on the placemats with a Bistro chalk marker. You can use regular chalk (you can actually wipe off the chalk with a damp cloth) as well, but I decided on the marker because it is just easier for me. It also shows up much brighter and leaves less chalk dust. What you choose to use is a matter of personal preference so just go with what you have!


chalkstock placemat diy

You can also put the person’s name on each mat and use them as place cards too.

chalkstock placemats with paper bag place holder

For the place holders I used Canvas Corp’s paper bags. I folded the top, added a paper doily, and then clipped a paper bow on with a mini clothespin, also from Canvas Corp. The paper bows were cut with my Cricut Explore Air.

paper bag place holder

I left my paper bags empty as I took these photos, but the idea is that you could fill each one with something special for your guest. If you know their favorite sweets, go ahead and personalize each bag and fill it with what they love. You could also fill these bags with meaningful photos or something special that brings back fond memories. Get creative! There are so many possibilities! For the names I used a fine-tipped marker and took my time to write the names in cursive. No need to stress over getting it too fancy, your guests will simply love the fact that you took the time to think of each of them individually.tablescape with chalkboard placemats and burlap runner

If you need ideas for a centerpiece, here’s what I did.  I kept it simple by using a long, skinny burlap runner from Canvas Corp. The long and skinny runner also works well on mantels, across a large table or counter top.  I liked how well the burlap and the paper bags went together. On top of the burlap I added a wood slice along with three battery operated candles that I wrapped with Canvas Corp’s tissue stock. I wouldn’t recommend the tissue stock wrapped on a regular candle, since that could be a fire hazard, but battery candles should be just fine.  The tissue stock is more durable than regular tissue you might find in a gift department and there are a number of prints available from both Canvas Corp and 7gypsies.

battery candle wrapped with tissue paper

I don’t have any fancy plates, but you really don’t need them to pull off an attractive table. White plates always look nice and they will easily adapt to any style you choose. I stacked a smaller plate on top of the larger one, and then added a place holder with each diner’s name written on it.

paper bag place holder with chalkboard placemat

I hope this gives you some fun ideas on what you can do with your own table. You can keep it simple like I did or you can add more to it. The best part about these Chalkstock Placemats is that you can wipe off the chalk and then re-write on them over and over.  You can also buy the placemats in Kraft, White and Ivory paper too and decorate them with stamps, stencils or doodles.  They are great for the kids to draw on at a family get-together.  They are so flexible to your needs and you can change them up to fit any themed event you might have. You could even use them for everyday use- give the kids a piece of chalk and see what they create!

Here’s the list of supplies Marie used from Canvas Corp:

Other materials used:

  • Bistro Chalk Marker
  • Standard white dishes and everyday silverware
  • Wood slice
  • Battery candles
  • Paper doilies
  • Cricut Explore Air and white cardstock

So, like Marie mentioned, you really don’t need fancy dishes to pull off an attractive table. Just making the little details meaningful will show your guests that you care. If you have used any of our dining pieces or our Chalkstock Placemats, we would love to see! You can always tag us on Instagram or Facebook, look us up on Pinterest, or even join our Facebook group- Canvas Corp Brands Collective. We’d love to see you there! The Crew is always sharing more inspiration and we love hearing from ALL of you! 


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Happy Creating!




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