Make A Junk Journal In No Time With 7gypsies Junk Journal Kit

We are all hearing so much about junk journals these days, but one thing we have not heard much about is how quick they are to create.  Unlike some lengthy paper craft specialties like detailed scrapbooking layouts or mixed media art that can take quite a bit of time, junk journals are pretty quick and simple.  Now you can take lots of time with them too, no judging going on around here, but it is fun to know that there is a new craft trend going that is quick, easy and really fun to do.

ideas for making a junk journal

You can start from scratch or pick up a junk journal kit that will have lots of goodies in it that will get you started, like this 7gypsies Architextures Kit – Time.  It has over 50 pieces and when you cut them to fit you have even more pages and embellishments to add to your journal and then of course you can add stuff from your stash.  Here is how we put this journal together using the kit, but you can certainly use your own items or choose different papers and embellishments.  We will showy what we used and you can go from there.

Step 1:  Decide the size of your book – this one is 6″x12″ – this is a fun size to make and allows you to cut your 12×12 items in half, but you can reduce the size to a more standard 6″x9″ or 5″x7″.  We started by cutting the cover which is made from Canvas Corp’s Printed Cardboard – Time. You can use any printed cardboard design, use regular cardboard and decorate it yourself or choose a different material for the cover.   Cardboard is great for front covers and you can even use an old box and decorate it.  (included in the kit)  We then cut all the 12×12 items in half and other items we made sure they were about 6″ wide or less (when making a junk journal just remember there are really no rules, the only thing to keep in mind is that they pages need to fit into the binding somehow.

printed clock cardboard

Step 2.  Making holes in your covers – You want everything to line up pretty closely.  Here is a great trick you might want to try:  Using a slip of paper that is the same height as you book cover, decide if you are doing 2 or 3 holes and measure them out, marking them onto the slip of paper.

making a junk journal

Step 3.  Making holes in all the pages – The same paper becomes your guide to punch the holes in all of the items.  You can simply lay it over the item and punch where the holes are marked and do this for all the items and the holes will like up.  So much easier than marking each item one at a time.  We love to use a Crop-A-Dial to punch through many layers or you can use the 7gypsies Binderie punch which will line up double holes in a snap.

Step 4.  Using the paper strips – these are great to make any of the papers that are thinner or smaller to give them more stability and to add an accent to the pages.  Mark them just like you would the other pages and glue them to any of the thinner paper or add papers or junk to them.  The kit includes tissue and vellum, so these are great papers to add a little extra kraft paper to and they look great.

Step 5.  Making your base junk journal – layer all the pages you cut and punched to make your book.  You can put them in any order you wish.  Slip the binding rings into place.  For our journal we are using rings in the top and bottom holes and leaving the middle for something else, you can use 3 rings if you wish.

junk journal binding

Step 6.  Journal Closure I – we have two different fun ways to do this – the first is using the lace that comes in the kit to make a tie.  Slip the lace through the middle ring and wrap it around a few times and make a bow.  The lace is flexible and will allow you to expand the tie as you fill your journal.

vintage lace black black lace

The pages inside your junk journal can be different thicknesses, sizes and shapes.  The more unique the better.  The lace holds them all into place.

junk journal pages

Step 7.  Journal Closure II – we love to decorate the cover with lots of great ways to keep your book closed – the kit includes everything you see here and you can put your book together your way, but here is what we did.  We used the large piece of super cool burlap to wrap around from top to bottom of your journal.  It is glued only to the front top and the rest wraps and hooks, again giving you flexibility to let your book expand.  The very cool piece of satin and metal is ideal for holding the burlap in place and slipping a bit of the lace through to make a loop.  You can place the lace where it fits best and move it as you journal expands.  The hook is added to the other side of the burlap and it hooks right onto the lace.  Save old hooks and binding pieces from clothes and bags, they are great to add to your journals.  Tie the lave you added for Book Closure I around and voila your journal is ready to be filled, filled and filled with goodies.

junk journal closure ideas

Step 8.  Adding the embellishments – the kit comes with envelopes, mini bags, sentiments, tabs, paper pieces and more.  You can use them to make pockets, page tabs, etc.  The paper bags are ideal for slipping in little notes or sentiments and they also are ideal for separating your journal into parts.

This wonderful journal is ready to be filled with just about anything you can think of, from daily journal entries or idea doodles to art cards or bible verses.  How about filling yours with goodies from a birthday party, anniversary or holiday.  This one is filled with handmade and store bought cards and it was so fun to add them in.

handmade birthday card ideas

You can even add the cards and the envelopes into your journal and make them part of the design.

50th birthday party ideas

Glue or mount cards onto pages in your journal.  If you only glue the back you can open and read them.

happy birthday cards

Use random paper pieces to make pockets not he pages of your journals.  A great place to slip cards, recipes and other items in. Just glue them on both sides and the bottom, leaving the top exposed.  You can add washi tape to accent.

journal pocket

The cards add color, dimension and are keepsakes when added to a journal.

envelopes in junk journals

When you get handmade cards for a gift, they are to be cherished, what better way then to make a journal for them.

ideas for saving cards

Love the look of mixed media tags or cards with lots of layers and thickness, well they fit right into a junk journal, just loosen the ties and it all fits right in.

birthday mixed media tags

If you want to jazz up your junk journal cover, why not add ribbons and bows from your gift wrapped gifts or maybe a bit of scraps or Architextures, together the cover is fabulous.

ideas for junk journal covers

Items used on front this cover – 7gypsies Architectures Treasures – Drafting Stool, Architextures Junque Pack – Cabin, Canvas Corp Black e-flute, Around the Block Antiquing Tools, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Gold, Silver Sugar and Chalkboard Mist Chalk.

7gypsies Architextures Junk Journal Kit - Time

You will find the kit to make this junk journal in the shop and also look for them at all Tuesday Morning shops in January.


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  1. November 27, 2017 @ 6:50 pm Julia

    I love junk journals and this one is beautiful! The 7Gypsies kit is awesome! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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