JUNK Mixed Media Banner with 7gypsies Architectures

Looking for something new and trendy in mixed media?  How about some old things that are new again.  7gypsies Architectures brings out a nostalgic feel with items from the past.  They are basic everyday things made to craft and create with and you are going to love them.  The art of mixed media has no real rules, but new products, to play with will enhance your creativity, imagination and crafty fun.  Banners are such a fun way to decorate a space, perfect for party decor or a fun holiday trimming.  This clever JUNK banner reminds us of what we love to do, go Junk’n and all the colors, textures and finds come together to make us smile.

The Architextures Bases are great for making backgrounds in one quick step.  They are adhesive, with dimension and a matte finish.  You can leave them as they are or add color, ink, stain, dyes, etc.  The chicken wire is truly our favorite and looks amazing on the kraft board banner.  You get the same look of a stencil and medium and then you have to add the color, but instead just peel and stick and fall in love.  ‘J’ starts the banner and we covered it with loads of cool paper flowers we found at Michaels (Recollections).  They truly look like vintage fabric pieces.

The Architextures Treasure – Dress Form looks spectacular on top of the Recollections™ Washi Tape –  Birds   we also found at Michaels, we love how they work together.  Yes the dress form is dimensional and it actually feels like a fabric dress form.

The Architextures collection comes with amazing packaging you won’t want to throw away, simply snip, rip, trim and glue into place to make amazing backgrounds that you will love.  We then covered the ‘U’ with a sheet of adhesive fabric like paper that is part of the Architextures Stash Paque – Pretty (this one is exclusive at Michaels so you might want to check it our in the mixed media area).  The paper feels like fabric and even has a thick texture.  The heavy duty adhesive helps it to stick right where you need it to.  Using the Gyro Cutter that we found on , we were able to glide around the letter and trim it just right.  Add the Vintage Fork and Spoon and you have another great look.

Don’t throw any packaging away, keep every piece from the stash packs, save the rest of your chicken wire…look what you can create.  This fun tea cup banner piece that will remind you to stop and have a bit of tea.  The tea cup is part of the Archiextures Trinkets Tea Cup Collection and it is amazing how real it looks and feels.

We just love the look of brick, but it is definitely hard to add a brick or two to your craft project, but not anymore.  7gypsies Architextures Junque packs are the ticket.  These amazing packs are filled with adhesive textural pieces that let you bring the textures you love right onto your projects in a literal snap.  It might look like a photo, but it is not, the bricks actually feel like individual bricks and the embellishment is grooved where the mortar is, how cool is that. The Milk Glass embellishment is another fun Trinket and this one is also exclusive at Michaels.

A bit more of the Recollections™ Washi Tape –  Birds wraps around the ‘K’ and we have the work JUNK complete.  Layers of all the goodies left from each item and packaging create the background and the art on the very back is the actual packaging from the Tall Base, nothing goes to waste and each item is so fun to work with.

Each banner piece is a different combination of the different art, textures and elements that are all part of the Architextures collection combined with 2 rolls of tape, 1 pack of flowers, 4 letters to make the word JUNK and a set banner pieces and the possibilities are truly endless.

So if you have any left over pieces, just put them away for the next project…we know they will come in handy.  You will find a wide selection of Architextures items at Michaels Stores in the USA and Canada, including many exclusive items that you won’t find online or in store anywhere.  It makes an exciting treasure hunt where you can seek out vintage finds that you will love to craft with.  So next time you are near a Michaels, take a walk down the mixed media aisle and see what you may find.

Enjoy the Hunt!!!


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    What a wonderful project!!


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