Little DIY Painted Dresser

The crew has been painting up a storm from little plastic animals to tables found on the side of the road.  We love sharing creative ideas that will transform these found pieces into works of art with Tattered Angels Paints and a few craft supplies.  Misty was a bit nervous to take the leap from her mixed media pages to the sides of this cabinet, but we are glad she did, using tools and techniques form her mixed media work, she transforms this dresser into a Shabby Chic work of art.

Little DIY Painted Dresser

Hi Everyone!!  I have to admit I was a little nervous with this project.  I’ve never redone a piece of furniture before and it was really intimidating to me, to the point that I kept putting it off until I mustered up the courage to do it.   A blank canvas is a lot less intimidating than a piece of furniture that will be making its place in your home.  Once I started though, I had a lot of fun (well after the paint stripping part)


The picture above is layers and layers of paint that had been put on this old end table over the years.  I counted at least 3 different colors, but this cream color had to account for at least 3 more layers!

photo 2

I decided to strip the paint, there were so many layers, that even thought the Decor and DIY paint would cover it, the layers and the uneven surface would show through.  Once I stripped the paint I was left with this wood veneer and I was excited to see how the Decor and DIY paint would cover it and it worked like a charm.  I read all about it, paints on anything, no sanding, no priming, but when I actually tried it and knew for sure I was sold on this great new paint.  It actually acts like a primer, so if the surface is a little slick do a think coat and allow it to dry and you are ready to paint your piece.

photo 1

I choose the Jade Decor and DIY Paint and if it weren’t for some of the texture this piece had (from where I had to remove some of the veneer that was worn and warped), I really could have painted the entire piece in one coat!  Without a doubt this is some awesome paint!  You can apply with a brush or roller.  The paint will level itself off.


The paint comes in 8 ounce containers and it dries a bit lighter than the color in the container.  If you want to lighten or darken the color you can also add a bit of white or black or mix colors to make custom colors too.  I painted the entire dresser from and back and all drawers with one container of paint!!!tatter_it_stencil

Now for a little mixed media DIY furniture painting I choose the Rose Decor and DIY Paint…..for the sides of the dresser I decided to play with stenciling, but did not want to do “normal” stenciling, of course, I’m not one for creating a “clean” look so I painted through the pattern and then used the excess paint on the stencil as a stamp to create a layered, textured look. This is a great technique you can use by pulling old, maybe outdated stencils and do a more modern technique with them making them look fun, funky and fresh. I added this stamp/stencil technique to both sides of the dresser.


(Note: I messed up  one side of the table to the point that I had to go back over it with the blue again and I was pleasantly surprised at how one coat covered the Rose colored stencil/stamp technique.)


I painted the top of the dresser with the Rose paint, which does not need a top coat, it is ready to go, I have not decided if I will leave it this simple or add some more mixed media techniques, but for now I will call it complete.


 Then to continue with the distressed look, I added bits of the paint around the outlines of the table.  There is no right or wrong way, but with a small brush I brushed on a bit of the Rose Decor and DIY Paint on the corners, near some of the drawers and even a touch on the flat areas, which I did a light touch with the roller. to give it a worn, distressed look but with this fun salmon, pink color.tatter_it_yourself1

I then covered the front of each of the drawers with burlap, gluing them into place and leaving the edges a little tattered to give them an old, textured look.  I love how the blue of the paint shows through the burlap just a touch.  I used some tacks around the edge of the burlap to finish off each drawer.  I then add 7gypsies Crystal Knobs to each of the drawers.  If your original drawers have multiple holes, holes that are too large or in the wrong spot, fill them with putty and then cover them with the burlap and make new holes for your knobs.  Because of the thickness of the drawers I did have to use a longer screw than what the knobs came with, but that was a simple fix!


 I actually considered even taking this a step further by using the Vintage Gold High impact paint and doing a few more stenciled layers with it, and then roughing the edges up and staining it a little with some “its brown” mist.  However, I know that sometimes less is more and I really didn’t want to ruin by taking it one more step. lol  I figured I would play around with it a little later to see how it goes.

If you have a piece of furniture that needs a little tender loving care, see one on the side of the road that a little paint will fix or find the perfect piece on your next trip the the vintage market, now you know how easy it is to transform it into a work of art.  To find out more about Tattered Angels Decor and DIY Paint stop by the website and to see the entire range of colors stop over to the Tattered Angels Shop.  If you don’t see the color you like, make your own by blending one or more together or adding white or black.  Unlike Milk Paint, Chalk Paint and other DIY paints on the market, this is a high quality, industrial manufactured paint that does what it says it will do.  There is no pre-mixing, no special storage needs, it will paint on any surface, there is no sanding or priming, one to two coats is all you need and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor projects.  Soap and water clean up makes it even easier.  All the hassles of painting are no more with Tattered Angels Decor and DIY Paints.  They also coordinate and work well with the entire Tattered Angles Paint Collection.

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Happy Creating!!!!!


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