Make Your Own Messy Travel Journal – Paris

Where have you been, where are you heading to next or where would you like to go?  Travel is a big part of our lives and documenting that travel helps keep alive the memories and extend those special moments. Collect tickets, stubs, fliers, ephemera during the trip and take photos not only of everyone lined up against a fountain or the hotel, but take photos of the world around you, the people, the architecture, the vehicles, the street signs, the menu, etc.  These candid shots give life to our travels and truly help you remember what you saw during your journey.

Kyriakos walks us through travels to Paris that could be actual or in our minds, both can be very special.   


Dark red accent colors are combined with white, black and silver to created this travel journal. Paper cuttings, fully distressed edges, stitched areas, random layers, combine to create this messy Paris travel journal.  Two pockets were created inside and blank pages can be added or altered further to hold your memories.

Materials Used:
7gypsies –  Journal Cover 8.5×11
Tattered Angels Simply Sheer Mist – Bold Red
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – True Blood
Canvas Corp 45′ Hemp Rope Hank – Red
Canvas Corp Mix & Match Pad – Voyages
7gypsies Charms: Paris
7gypsies Starter Journal – Ivory – 8.5×11
Canvas Corp Journal Lines on White 12×12
7gypsies Gypsy Moments Cards: Today
Eiffel Tower die
Silver foil
Black ink
Beads and chain
Metal rivets
Tools Used:  Die cutting machine; Sewing machine; Scissors; Glue
Step 1 – Spray the cover with the Bold Red and True Blood mists on both sides
Canvas Journal Cover

You can tint canvas blanks with mist paint to transform it into any color. It is not meant to be washed, but for crafts it is perfect.

Step 2 – Cut pieces of the papers included in the Mix and Match Pad. Distress the papers with a scissor and by just tearing the edges. Use the mists and the black ink color to distress all sides. Place the paper cuttings on the cover and set them in the place you want.
Canvas Corp Travel Papers

The Mix and Match Pads come with a range of different coordinating prints and sayings that make creating so easy.

 Step 3 – Using a sewing machine, sew the paper cuttings on one side. You can, of course sew them directly on the canvas cover. If you are not familiar with a sewing machine, you can glue them together.
Paris themed papers

Sewing paper is easy.

 Step 4 – Glue the papers on the cover. Add the die cut Eiffel Tower (alternatively you can use the printed design found in the paper pad) and the metal rivets. Add the charms and the bead on the top center of the cover.
Paris themed journal

distress papers allowing them to stand out when layered. No two need to be alike and tearing them vs. cutting them gives a great look.

 Step 5 – Cut 8.5×11 of white cardboard and spray it with the mists. Create a pocket on the left side and glue a stripe of of about 1in x 11in on top and bottom edges to the right side.
red, black and white journal

Mixing red, black and cream together looks great and not two pages are the same but they all go together.

 Step 6 – Decorate the Starter Journal pages with stamps and paper cuttings.
7gypsies Starter Journal

Starter Journals are a great blank book to start you journal, agenda, planner or mini book.

 Step 7 – Sew a 30in long hemp rope on the lower side of the canvas cover spine.
sewn journal cover

Red cord is a great accent for this travel journal

Starter Journal and Cover

7gypsies offers covers for their starter journals in canvas, burlap and denim. Slip the first and last pages in or combine more than one journal. The sides act as pockets.

Canvas Book Cover

Design your own journal cover with a canvas blank book cover.

Add charms, embellishments and more to the cover and the pages.

Paris Travel Journal

Stash travel photos, postcards, ticket stubs and more in the pockets and on the pages of your journal.

Create the journal before you depart and document your trip or create it when you get back making the pages special for all you collected.  You can take the Gypsy Moments Cards with you and use them to capture those special moments and then slip them into your finished book.

To see more of Kyriakos’s work visit his blog – the crafts world and Instagram 

Happy Travels and Happy Creating!!


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