National Tie One On Day: An Adventure with Aprons

Today is “National Tie One On Day”. The idea behind this day is to tie on an apron, enjoy gathering with friends and family, and prepare something yummy in the kitchen. Most of us in America are already busy today with preparation for our Thanksgiving meal, so it presents the perfect opportunity to “Tie One On”!

Did you realize that aprons have been around since Biblical times? An apron is a garment worn over your clothes and it has practical, as well as cosmetic, purposes. Many tradesfolk such as butchers, masons, cobblers, bakers, and of course homemakers have used aprons throughout history and many of these people still do! 

Aprons in the home were a necessary part of a homemaker’s wardrobe in the 1940s. It was used to protect one’s garments underneath, which was extremely important because during this time it was not uncommon to have a limited wardrobe. An apron was also used as an oven mitt, a carrying basket, a duster, and even a washcloth for the children’s faces. However, a few decades later the apron started to lose appeal among a new generation who began to turn to new careers and opportunities outside the home. Also, with the rise in popularity with new washing machines and more store-bought clothes, an apron was just not seen as an essential garment anymore. 

In recent years, the apron has seen sort of a revival. With more of an appreciation being restored to a well-cooked meal at home, many people enjoy finding or making cute and fashionable aprons. It’s not uncommon now for a household to own several aprons, one for cooking, one for grilling, and even maybe a few for crafting (we love that)! A quick search online will bring up many fun, retro themed fashion aprons that one can buy. 

We love seeing aprons used in any way, and we especially want to honor those wearing them! Do you have fond memories of cooking with your grandparents, aunts and uncles, parents, and close friends while wearing aprons? We hope you do!

Here at CCB, we ourselves appreciate the hard work that the apron-wearers put into the food at family gatherings, and we cherish that they have passed on the love of cooking and creating with loved ones.  We manufacture a wide range of aprons here in the USA for many different markets and uses.  Each apron is cut and sewn by our team with a lot of pride.  Some of our aprons are used to protect from crafting products, in schools for art classes, in the kitchen, for cooking classes, hanging on the wall for decorative purposes and other fun uses.  We love to design custom aprons for many different markets and enjoy being a part of the design process.  

Here are some fun apron projects and photos we would love to share and inspire you to get the aprons out, create a special one or design one for your business or event.  

Check out these pint size aprons for Allergic to Salad.  We love love the idea behind this great organization which is the brainchild of founder Stacey B. Ornstein.  Their mission is to increase skills, techniques, and familiarity with healthy foods in every child.  “Allergic to Salad began as a blog in September 2010 following the recipes and antics of Stacey Ornstein’s after-school cooking classes for elementary-aged students. Since the start of the blog, interest in cooking classes has broadened the scope of the original project. Local parents demanded classes for their children, cooking-themed birthday parties, and even adults made class requests. Allergic to Salad has grown with this demand and continues to expand.”  You can find more about the program on the website Allergic to Salad.

kids cooking class apron with Allergic to Salad a great organization!!!

Canvas Corp Aprons in this pint size cooking class!!!

A few of our Crew members have been working hard to decorate and share their aprons with us today. We hope this will inspire you to go ahead and “Tie One On” yourself! 

handmade apons

Celebrate National Tie One On Day! We want to thank the apron-wearers for the hard work they do to gather the family together around a warm meal!

Crew member Nancy Gaines shared this picture of her husband in an apron with us. She says, “This is my hubs, David. He’s a Jamaican dude and he is making jerk chicken, which is amazing for any meal at any time!” Sounds delicious! We can almost smell that grill going! A great reminder, too, that not only the ladies in the family wear aprons- there are many talented fathers and husbands that prepare meals, as well! 

cooking ideas with kids

National Tie One On Day! Wearing aprons in the kitchen while doing some holiday baking can be a great way for families to bond.

Here, Marie Nicole is doing some holiday baking with her niece. Marie is wearing an apron she received for her bridal shower and her niece is wearing the apron that Marie sewed for her as a birthday gift. Getting in the kitchen with family for the holidays can be a great way to bond, create special memories, and pass along a love of cooking! 

canvas corp aprons

Paint onto canvas just like you would the wall and create art you can wear.

Choosing an apron that fits your style is what it is all about. Maybe it is frilly fabric, maybe grandma’s vintage apron you colored or maybe you paint one in your own style for everyday or for the holidays like this special apron from crew member Heather Kindt.

custom apron

Customize your apron to show off your stye.

Check out this great apron by Crew member Misty Russell with tons of mixed media techniques that show off her personal style and look great for any occasion.

blank canvas aprons made in the USA

Canvas Crafty Apron with Farmhouse Kitchen Fabric Panel and green and red accents.

Choose your look – farmhouse, vintage, country, steampunk, funky, artsy, trendy, pretty, frilly, messy, neat, simple, busy, it just does not matter!!!!!!!

Canvas Apron from Canvas Corp painted with Tattered Angels paints

This bright apron is from Sanna Lippert. She has the perfect example of aprons that can be used for more than cooking! Sanna gives us a little description of her colorful craft apron, “This is a Canvas Corp Brands plain apron that I altered with Glimmer Mists, High Impact Paints, DIY & Decor paints and added details to it with stencils, bottle caps, foam and rubber stamps. I wanted to have a personalized apron for when I´m creating with media in my studio. It will get even more interesting in time, when it gets a layer of accidental drips and droplets from different art projects on it. I even added a pearlescent creative medium onto it with thru a Dina Wakley stencil. The chosen words should work as encouragement when I´m creating. I love my crafty apron and there is not a single one out there, that looks exactly the same.”

Cute homemade craft apron made from the front of some denim jeans!


This fancy little apron made by Jennifer Hottinger-Sloan is a recycled pair of blue jeans! What a clever way to alter an old pair of pants. We love that frill of Kelly Panacci fabric on the bottom, and the embellishments that include our Burlap Flowers and 7Gypsies crystals!


Handmade Christmas apron decorated with burlap stocking from Canvas Corp!


This Christmas apron from Kimberly is absolutely adorable and perfect for your holiday cooking and crafting! We love how she added the burlap stocking and the word, “Joy”. The festive trim on the top perfectly finishes the Christmas theme! Great example of how to get creative and customize your aprons for the holidays! 

canvas corp aprons

Canvas Corp Apron Collection for your apron needs.

Here are just a few of the cool aprons from Canvas Corp.  Different styles, shapes, colors, sizes and materials, what more could you ask for.  To see all the current aprons visit the shop – Aprons.  If you are looking for something more unique for your business, brand or organization and made in the USA is important give us a call 866.376.9961 or email us at

So whether your apron is to show off your style, protect you from the food your are making, provides a place to hold the cell phone or a cute way to share your business logo, find the right apron for you and “tie one on”!





Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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