No-Sew Canvas Flower Birdcage Veil

Summer time is wedding time for many, but we all know there are weddings year-round and no longer are they formal events held only on a Saturday.  Weddings are so much more personal these days, held on different days of the week, much more casual and they are so fun to attend.  It is fun just to see the creative ideas that each bride (and groom) come up with for their wedding, the fun photos, the food, the attire and more.  Crew Member Gina Knuppenburg focuses on the bride today with an amazing veil that is so simple, so unique and is a stand out among traditional veils.  Who says you must wear a veil of netting with crystals and silk flowers?  No one, so why not make your own or have one made that suits your personal style?
Canvas Flower Birdcage Veil_Canvas Corp 1 
They say something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue and this sweet veil does it all. The flower is new and handmade by one of the Canvas Corp sewing team, the pin is old and a stunning centerpiece for the veil, a little blue is introduced in the stones and we are not sure if the broach was borrowed, found or handed down, but either way Gina covered her bases sharing a little good luck at the wedding.  
Canvas Flower Birdcage Veil Closeup_Canvas Corp
Here is all you need:
Canvas Corp Canvas Flower
24 inches French Netting – we found this great resource on Etsy for netting
Vintage Brooch
Felt circle
Hair clip
Tools Used: Hot Glue Gun; Hot Glue Sticks
How it is done:
A Canvas Corp Canvas Flower makes a perfect base for an elegant birdcage veil. The process is super simple; just fold the French netting in half and hot glue between the layers of the Canvas Corp Canvas Flower. Add the hot glue on top of the netting and pinch the layers of the canvas flower to hold. Add a vintage brooch to the top for flair. Cut two slits in the felt circle and slide one side of the hair clip through. Attach the felt circle and hair clip to the bottom of the Canvas Corp Canvas Flower with a generous amount of hot glue.
Canvas Flower Birdcage Veil Stand_Canvas Corp
So stunning that you will want to show it off well after the wedding is done.  Keep an eye out for a hat stand or holder that you can show off your veil’s great beauty and add to your bedroom, vintage decor or in your boudoir.  Simple and natural is so in for weddings these days and making your own veil will not only save you some money, but it will let the bride stand out even more on her special day.
For more clever ideas from Gina, follower her on Instagram.
Happy Creating!!


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