Painted Woven Wall Hanging

Have you ever tried your hand at weaving? If not, you may be inspired to give it a try after seeing this fabulous wall hanging designed by Crew Member, Lucy Jennings. She shows us how in just an hour or two, you can weave your own home decor, and customize it to fit the theme of your home. Lucy painted a bright red heart on her hanging, but you could get creative with whatever you choose to paint, print, stamp, or decorate with! A little burlap, some High Impact Tattered Angels paints, and a few other items you may already have on hand come together in this fun and fabulous project!

Want to give weaving a try? This project is quick and easy, you can have the wall hanging finished in a few hours. – encourages Lucy.

Lucy used the following materials:
Canvas Home Basics- Burlap Sheet- ivory
Tattered Angels- High Impact Paint- red, yellow
Heavy fusible stabilize 
Muslin cloth
Jute twine
Wooden dowel to hang

Tools used:
Iron/ironing board
hot glue gun
***Homemade Loom-instructions on my blog***

You can use any frame loom, but if you don’t have one, you can make your own. Go to my link to download my pdf that shows you how to make your own loom from a book (it’s in the materials list). The pdf also shows you how to warp the loom. Your loom can be any size, the one I used here was 12 inches x 16 inches. The loom will determine the size of your project. Warp the loom with the jute twine, spaced four threads per inch.

Cut the Canvas Home Basics Burlap Sheet to fit your loom. Leave a few inches of extra warp space at the top.

Cut the fusible stabilizer and the muslin to fit the burlap. Iron them all together, following the instructions on the fusible stabilizer.

Paint the heart. I mixed yellow with red to make orange, and painted an orange heart first, then I painted a smaller red heart inside.

Trim off the edges of the fabric, and then cut it into strips.

Twine three rows with the jute. Twining instructions are also in the free pdf you can access through my link.

Weave in the strips you cut out. Twine the top of the weaving just like you did the bottom.

Cut the warp threads across the center of the back of the loom.

Knot the bottom and the top warp threads.

Tie a dowel to the top of the weaving, and trim off the warp threads.

Sew the edges.

Knot one more row at the bottom, about 1 inch beneath the previous row. Then tie another row in the same way.

Glue on the buttons with a hot glue gun.

Trim off the fringe. The jute twine is a bit unruly, and you might want to iron it to make it hang straight.

We hope you enjoyed Lucy’s tutorial as much as we did! We would love to see your own weaving projects, or ANY project that is inspired by our blog! Just tag us on social media and we’ll find you! Thanks for stopping by, and HAPPY CREATING! 

Visit Lucy’s blog and Instagram for more weaving tips and ideas.



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  1. July 28, 2017 @ 9:26 pm Lucy Jennings

    Thank you for featuring my project! It looks beautiful here on your blog!


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