Patriotic DIY Decor for your 4th of July

Today on the blog we are getting ready for our favorite Summer Holiday, the 4th of July. Crew Member, Alison Osborn, is back again to show us new creative holiday decor ideas with a red, white and blue twist.  Alison brings us clever ideas for every holiday season with a unique creative approach where she brings together found objects, vintage finds, things from around the house, paper, fabrics, treats, and other great details to bring her creative ideas to life.


Summer is on its way and though there are so many things to celebrate, one of my favorites is our country’s birthday, the 4th of July! Are you preparing for a 4th of July celebration? There are so many fun possibilities and ideas with Canvas Corp Brand products. Today I’d like to share with you some patriotic décor that is sure to set you in a red, white and blue mood.

Supplies Used – Canvas Corp


Other Items: Red Felt, Wooden Buttons, Red, White and Blue Yarn, Paper Straws from Paper Mart, Red and White Bakers Twine, Red and Blue thread and red pins

Tools Used: Scissors, X-Acto knife, hot glue gun, pom-pom maker and spray mount


The Pillow

For the pillow I started with a 12×12 canvas pillowcase. I cut a rectangle out of red ticking fabric to cover 2/3rds of the front and I covered the remainder with denim fabric. With the denim, I left about an inch overlap for hot gluing to the ticking fabric. I then used red thread to stitch a border around the fabrics and set it aside. Next, I cut 3 small stars, about 2×2 in. out of canvas  and 3 larger red stars, about 3×3 in. For the large red stars, I cut one each out of red canvas, burlap and felt. I stitched a red border around the smaller stars and with a wooden button, I attached them to the front of the larger stars. For the #4, I printed the number from a Google search to use as a template for cutting it out of the red canvas and gave it a blue stitched border. I cut a slightly larger #4 out of white felt and attached them together using hot glue. For the “th” I used craft paper letters and red cord for the middle trim. I then assembled and attached everything to the pillow using a hot glue gun. For a finishing touch, I sewed pom-poms to the corners.



The Banner

I used the same fabrics for the banner, red ticking and denim plus 3 of the 7gypsies ornament scallop long ovals. I started by using paper to sketch out a slightly smaller scallop shape to use as a template. I then cut out 3 rectangles using the top section of the template. Next, I used the bottom half of the template to cut out the 3 shapes for the denim part. Again, I kept a bit of an overlap for hot gluing the two fabrics together and stitched a border around the entire shape. I made the 3 same stars and used the letters and cord as described above. I hot glued everything to the scallop shape. I then made 4 large pom-poms using a pom-pom maker that you can buy from your local craft store. Finally I strung it altogether using red and white Bakers twine.



The Pinwheels

I used the papers listed above to make the pinwheels. I started by spray mounting two pieces of paper together. I then cut out a 6×6 in. square. Next, starting from the corners, I cut about 4 inches inward towards the center of the square. I made these cuts for each corner. I then used a small hole punch for the center and each corner. The cut and punch marks are shown in the graphic below. Next using a pin that I had cut down to the size of a tack, I folded in each corner and threaded them on to the pin, going through the center hole last. I then pushed the pin through the end of a paper straw. Finally, I hot glued the straw and pinwheel together. If your pin sticks out too far through the straw, use a small piece of eraser to cover up the sharp end.



The Flags

These are fun and simple to make. I cut out a rectangle piece of red ticking fabric, making sure the stripes were horizontal. Then I cut out a smaller rectangle for the corner, out of denim. I sewed the denim patch on to the ticking fabric with white embroidery thread in the shape of a star. I made sure to leave a little extra fabric to the left of the denim so I could wrap and glue the fabric on to a small dowel rod. You can even string these together and use as a banner.



Together these décor pieces bring a happy and festive feeling to your home, a celebration, or even to be given as a gift. Wishing you a fun and safe 4th of July! Happy Crafting!

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