Project Life: Gypsy Style!!

The gypsies are making their way across the great lands, seas, mountains and valleys in search of all that inspires them, special finds, one of a kind objects and along the journey they capture their gypsy movements.  If you don’t know what a gypsy moment is ….. they are these simple little kindnesses, an inappropriate giggle, a glimpse of something spectacular, a hidden gem only you can see….it is not the big events, but the little ones that make us who we are and capturing them, capturing the gypsy moments is what it is all about.  7gypsies products, gypsies designers and 7gypsies fans are all gypsies at heart and are charged with stopping to smell the roses and capturing their gypsy moments one at a time in creative and special ways.  Two of our favorite gypsy gals, Lena and Jorunn share their latest journey across the mountains of Norway in search of creative adventures.  

There are many clever ways to capture your memories – Project Life, Simple Stories and other systems that help you get organized, have a place to save the details, photos and more, but sometimes you want a different look and feel from the traditional systems, a vintage touch, a classic style or maybe a theme that better suits you.  Well 7gypsies is a great companion and fits right in with your favorite system.  

project life

Hi Jorunn here today and I want to take you on a little trip over the mountains in west Norway. Along with my friend Arnlaug, we are two gypsy girls who go to crops twice a year. This time these trips occurred on consecutive weekends, but that didn’t matter to us since the whole experience is so inspiring, creative and enjoyable.

I will show you some Project Life pages we have created. 7gypsies has the perfect sheets for exactly this purpose. I also want to show you a demo and a class, where I have showcased some products from Canvas Corps Brands.
But first we will give you a glimpse of the trip to the crop!

A while ago I asked the Crew what was the first thing they thought of when I said “gypsy”. Here are some of their responses:

Rich – you are rich when you are with friends

Freedom – to travel and just think or reflect

Vintage– ohhhh yeah, what I have seen on this trip is Vintage

Old– classic…not run-down or out of date

Rusty – LOL yes I am

Travel– ohhhh yes, we did quite a bit of that

Fearless – When you do things that are new to you or things you’re not comfortable with you have to be fearless

Adventure –  this was a great adventure, the end of an era and the start of something new

Colorful – absolutely, look at the pictures, color is everywhere

Project Life is an way to create scrapbook pages and memory books in an entirely new way.  Created by the legendary Becky Higgins, it has simplified the process of preserving your memories, your travels, your life, your days and you.

Crop Photos

This Project Life page is from our first stop in Etne and as you can see in the pictures, they are very fond of their rocks. They have created a special exhibition on this rest stop.

In the top picture is my good friend Arnlaug. When we go on these crop trips we get a little crazy, let loose, laugh a lot, and experience life!!!

I have used plastic pockets from Simple Stories since the one long side pocket increases the possibilities beyond the typical Project Life Products.

On this side I have used a lot of Distress ink and mixed the colors: – cracked pistachio – antique linen – walnut stain.  I embossed the phrase ‘best of times’, a 7gypsies stamp.

I used a stencil from 13 @rt and wrote the words ‘amazing time’, first with distress ink then with a black marker. Then to get some depth, I took a wet wipe and wiped a bit of ink away.


Here are more stones next to this 7gypsies piece which fits perfectly in the 3 x 4 pocket.. At the bottom of the blog post I will provide links to the papers I have used on these pages.


When I was going to taking the picture of the waterfall, my dear friend said I know the falls come after the first tunnel. Ehhh no, it did not. Ok she says, after the next, I’m quite sure. Nope, it did not come. But now I’m sure, now I remember they have lowered the speed limit so people can take pictures without being run over so now when we come out you have to be ready to take a picture. This time the waterfall was there but it was not easy to get a picture! I laughed so hard but that’s how we create good memories.


We drove over a mountain called Haukeli and almost in the middle of the mountain is a small place called Haukeliseter. It is a collection of old houses that have been well taken care of. One house we took a picture of and we had a good laugh because the doors were so incredibly tall. Who were they expecting a visit from, the Norwegian troll ?

Here I have done the same as further up the in the blog post…used Distress Ink in many different colors, and finally used a stencil with a wet wipe so that the sheet gets some life.


I have now come to the last page of the wonderful trip to the crops. We spent a lot longer than what is usual on the mountain, but it was really worth these extra stops we made We scrappers like to take extra time to get some great photos, enjoy views and take an extra breather. I think many could take some lessons from us, and not stress so much. I’ll be the first to admit that when we finally arrived, ate some food and had a good cup of coffee, I could feel how tired I was. The first night I slept almost like a stone and the next morning we were both quite stiff and sore.

7gypsies and project life

The way they built houses in the old days is quite fascinating. I’m so grateful that they take good care of these houses  so that future generations can enjoy and not just read about them in their history books.

We were basically incredibly lucky with the weather, it is not often there is no wind in our part of the country.


This sign I found quite amusing. Perhaps those who made this sign thought that those who arrived there were so captivated by the view and the fresh air that they lost their sense of direction.


Here again I have inked plain white cardstock with distress ink and this time I stamped with brown Archival ink to get some depth. The words you see here are from one of my favorite 7gypsies stamps.


I have now shown you our trip from west to east, about a 50 mile drive. Next time I’ll have photos from the demo course and an interview of two lovely ladies who got to test some of the new products from Canvas Corp Brands. So until then may your days be filled with lovely and creative moments.

If you were inspired by this and want to make your own Project Life pages from 7gypsies sheets, do not be afraid to share it with us in our Facebook group: Canvas Corp Brands Collective .

Big hug From Jorunn ♥

Material List

7gypsies Paper:

Gypsy Moments Collection-Under the cover

Gypsy Moments Collection-Take our Breath Away

Gypsy Moments Collection-Poses and reflection

Ordre Du Jour Collection-To & Due

Ordre Du Jour Collection- Seize The Day

Wanderlust Collection-Pack Your Bags

Wanderlust Collection-Open New Doors

Wanderlust Collection-Find Adventure

American Vintage Collection-Across USA

American Vintage Collection-State Plates

7gypsies Journal Pages-Harmony


7gypsies- Time Pieces Clear stamps (sold out for the moment)

7gypsies Wood Stamps-A Good Thing (sold out for the moment)

Circle stamp from Your next stamp

Background stamp from Create a smile


Mixed Media from 13 @rt

Mini Organic Matter Mask from The Crafters Workshop

Decorations :

Wood Veneers from Fynmark

Wood Veneers Stickers from Pink Fresh

Enamel Dots from Eylet Outlet

Treats Enamels from Create a smile

Stickers from Fancy Pants Everyday Circus

Stickers from Fancy Pants Gray Wood

Junkyard Findings from Prima

Distress Ink

-Vintage Photo

-Spiced Marmalade

-Walnut Stain

-Shabby Shutters

-Peeled Paint

-Antique line

-Old paper

-Cracked  Pistachio

Archival ink coffee

VersaMark Watermark stamp

Top Boss embossing Powder

Sharpie pen white and black

So next adventure stash some ephemera you pick up along the way, take goofy photos that will make you laugh, take photos of the world around you, it is not all about the people all the time. The rocks, the land, the architecture are all great to add to your memories.

So join the gypsies and go out there and be fearless, be adventurous, be daring and just be you!!!!  If you would like to see more gypsy adventures join the Canvas Corp Brands Collective Group on Facebook and get to know the Crew and our Gypsies a little bit more.  Ask to Join today!!!

You can also find 7gypsies on social media – Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook

Happy Creating!!


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