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Lena has a way of finding amazing found objects, vintage finds and just cool stuff.  You may not be surrounded by antique shops and items of old, but there are beautiful items all around us, in nature, in the attic and at a local garage sale.  

Be on the lookout for outdated frames, sticks, old books, jewelry (even if broken), tea cups, old even rusty children’s toys, tables, chairs and other items that may not be the right color, the right finish and may even look terrible to the eye, but a coat of fresh paint, a faux finish from one of the Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Kits or you may decide to leave them as they are and add a few details to make them look new again.  Lena shows us how easy it is to take a pile of sticks, an old frame, a bit of burlap, a piece of paper and a few other little objects and creates an amazing piece of art that you will want to place on the mantel, a focal point on the wall or the front porch.  repurposed window with canvas corp paperI love old stuff and the story behind them. I try always recycling things I find. Somebody’s trash can be treasure for me.  I found this old window on our local flea market, I paid 6.50 eur / about 7 US dollar for it.  I also found some rusty screws and other metal scrap like the chain for free.  You may not know what do to with the treasures you find, but I knew immediately what I would do with the items I found.

Combine found objects with items from your stash or pick up a few items that fit the decor of your home to help transform found objects into works of art.  I choose the Black and Kraft Peonies Paper from Canvas Corp for this window make over, but you can choose from over 250 papers and I am sure you will find one that will suit your style.

Here is what I used:

Extras:  Metal wire, screws, old chain, screwdriver, clippers (to cut sticks), scissors, Cat (only kidding but helpful where the sticks are concerned)Cat & Twigs Repurpose FrameGather sticks from the yard or take a walk on a local trail to gather sicks, you don’t need too many, but you might want to grab a big canvas bag to hold them in and don’t forget clippers.  You will want sticks that are not too thick and easy to bend and long enough to twist them into a fun shape like a heart or circle.


Shape the sticks into a heart shape with long tail and wrap into place with black or a dark wire.  Trim up the sticks, but leave them a little rugged for a great look.


This window had such beauty that I did not want to paint or change it all.  If your window is not so lucky, you can paint it.  Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint is a great choice and will cover any surface.

window and canvas corp paper

I covered one of the widows with black gesso and the Poesies paper.  You can also use chalk paint or Decor & DIY Paint.  The finishes of each will be a bit different, the black gesso leaves a nice matte finish that works so well with the frame.  If you window comes with a unique detail like the metal belt, a strap or other nice detail, find a way to work it into your design and use a vintage screw or nail that blends in perfectly.  Add a great touch like the taped words, washi tape or you can stencil on some details.  I suggest keeping them simple.  If you window happens to be missing the glass, stop by your local glass shop and ask if they will cut and fit windows for you.  Smile nicely and maybe they will put them in for your.

window 17

I added a sloppy bow made with the aqua burlap fringe.  The fringe comes in a rainbow of colors, so pick the one that matches your decor or choose a neutral color.  Tie in place with wire, hot glue gun or you can glue with a wet glue like Beacon’s 3 in 1 Glue that will hold textured items in place.

burlap bow

I added two chalkstock tags tied in with jute cord and added stickers that offer great inspiration.

heart chalkstock tagYou can also write on the tags with actual chalk or a white paint pen.  The set comes with 5 tags, so you can flip them to write different sayings and have a few extra.  You can even have one that says Happy Holidays or Welcome New Baby.

repurposed window with canvas corp paper

I secured the heat of sticks in place, added a little frame I found at the top, attach the old, rusty chain in place and slipped the sticks through one of the openings.  If you do not have a rusty chain, buy a small piece at the local hardware store and faux paint it to match your piece.


Add a vintage style burlap bag by Canvas Corp – Saggy Baggy.  The bag has a bit more structure and can hold notes, pencils, flowers, paint brushes or other cool goodies you might find and gather.

window side view DIY window makeover

The black gesso acts like a chalkboard that can be written on and erased to leave a special note, menu for the day, phone number for the babysitter or reminder of an important appointment.

A few special touches in the right places help to transform a lonely frame into a work of art.  Create your piece around the window that you find and a color palette that works well for you.  If you love to show at your local vintage market, offer pieces to a local shop or sell your items on Etsy, this is a great project where no two are alike, but they finished pieces all look terrific.   

Keep an eye out for more vintage finds from Lena and great inspiration for transforming them into decorative projects for the home.  Follow Lena on Instagram and also on her blog – Bruksflickan


Happy Creating and Good Luck Finding GLena Holmströmreat Finds!!!


Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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