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When we open the envelope to find a handmade card or invitation, an extra light shines.  The creativity and special touch that goes into making your own invitations truly makes a difference.  Marie shares with us these simple bicycle themed invites that are simple, sweet and oh so special.  You can transform them to any theme, style or holiday.  Marie chose one of the papers from Canvas Corp’s Watering Can Collection.  (Bikes and Baskets)  This fun paper is perfect for your favorite bicycle rider.  

Invites can be designed in all shapes and sizes, with hidden pockets, little bags, punches, tags, die cutes, doilies, cords, stickers, washi tape, glitter, sequins, embossing powders, stamps, stencils…ok the list can go on and on, the bottom line is your stash of craft supplies are perfect for making invitations and they will help you when you need to make a dozen or 10 dozen.  As card makers and crafters we tend to make one or two of the same item, but rarely do we make many of them, but our tools make duplicating things so easy.  Like the Ford Assembly line, you can make your invitations in steps verses one at a time and the process will go oh so smoothly. 

Keep in mind as you design your invitations about the cost to mail them, if you created a card that is square or extra heavy the cost may be a bit higher to mail.  We suggest using envelope sizes a2, a7 or #10 to make sure you are paying for only standard mailing.  Canvas Corp even offers square, mini and 12×12 kraft envelopes. You might want to drop by and chat with your Postmaster to verify the price before you make the invitations in droves.

Here is a great invitation idea Marie shares with us on the blog today that we hope will get the juices flowing and you begin planning your next birthday, anniversary, shower or holiday party with custom invitations in mind.


Making your own invites is really simple. My daughter turns 7-years-old in just a couple of weeks and I made these invite to use for her Birthday party.

What you need:

Other Supplies – punches, scissors, paper cutter, glue or paper tape, whole punch (tiny ones is cute), black pen or marker

Choose the amount of paper and supplies you will need based on the number of invites you are planning to send.  You might want to adjust the size of the paper pieces to get the most out of your paper, for example if you are doing 12 invites (divide you paper into 12 equal parts or if you are doing 15 invites, make the pieces a bit smaller to use the paper most efficiently).  The finished size of your invitation will also determine the sizes and shapes of the papers you will cut.  Making one to test out the process even if it is out of scrap papers to make sure you get the measurements right will help make the process of producing you invitations much easier.

Step 1: Start with cutting the card base to fin your envelope.  You can use a solid or a simple printed paper that fits your invite theme.

Step 2:  Cut the Printed Cardstock Paper a bit smaller than the mini bags.  The bags come in kraft and white in a pack of 25 bags, so they are a great value and a perfect touch to your invitations.  You can leave them as is or stamp, ink, mist, stencil, paint them to match your invite theme.


I used a corner rounder on the patterned paper and then glued them on the mini bags.  The added touch of rounding the corners or adding a bit of detail gives them a finished, professional look.


The mini bags are a great size to add to invitations perfectly sized to hold gift cards, business cards, ATC cards, wallet photos and more.  What a great way to make an office party invite and place the business card right in the bag or slip a photo of your little one as she/he hits a milestone birthday.  You can print wallet size photos at Walmart for pennies and they are such a great addition.  


The mini bag is a great place to slip in a piece of paper with the location, time, date, theme and any details about the party, you can even print them out and put more than one if a mini map or details are helpful.  We also recommend putting RSVP and the best way to contact you so that you can plan for the party.  We know not too many people RSVP these days, we sure wish they would!!!


Step 3: Place a doily on the card base, use a piece of tape to fasten the cord and then add the patterned paper piece. I used foam squares to get dimension and provide a bit of space for the cord.  If you are a fan of die cut machines, there are so many great round, square, oval and other fun shaped dies that allow you to make your own doilies.  You can cut them from solid or printed paper to coordinate with your theme.


The simple white, ivory, kraft and natural cord look amazing together, but if you feel the need to add color, feel free to add a touch with markers, watercolors, inks, paints, mists, pens, pastels….they all work great on this paper.





Step 4:  Layer the papers, bags and doily and tie together with a small piece of the hemp or cording.  Just a simple tie is all you need.


Step 5:  Take a some small tags that you have or you can use a small tag punch, as I did. Add the labels and make a hole on each.



Jot down the name of each guest, the word Birthday, the year or Baby, Mr & Mrs…. You can also stamp something sweet here.  This sticker and tag set are really tiny so keep that in mind when choosing what you say or stamp.



Step 6:  Bring it all together by attaching the tiny tags to the jute with the 7gypsies vintage pins, clothespins or tie them in place.




Step 7:  Fill our the addresses on each of the envelopes (before you fill them with your invitations). You can stamp and decorate the envelopes too by making an envelope liner or decorating the outside of the envelope.  Then fill the envelopes, add a stamp and off they go.


A really simple and fun project. Thanks for stepping by today.

Thanks Marie for walking us through this great invitation.  We are inspired to start creating for your next party!!!!  

You will find all the paper and accessory supplies you need to make your next set of invitations on the Canvas Corp Brands Shop

Happy Creating!!!!


Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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