Spring Butterfly Terrarium – March challenge

Bees and Butterflies is a true sign of spring. Christine Santos created a hanging butterfly terrarium filled with burlap flowers and natural sisal, giving it a full-on Canvas Corp twist. It’s a wonderful, delicate and full of spring decoration inspired by our March “Re-birth” Challenge.

canvas corp brands march challenge butterfly terrarium

Christine says “I’ve created a terrarium that’s fun and easy to make. To me, Spring is all about re-birth…the blooming flowers and fluttering butterflies coming out after the cold winter.”

You can easily make a similar projects as Christine by following her step-by-step instructions below.

What you need from Canvas Corp Brands is:

Canvas Corp Natural Burlap Flower
Canvas Corp Lime Green Burlap Flower
Canvas Corp Sisal Rope
Canvas Corp Spring Showers Printed Canvas Sheet
Canvas Corp Birds & Bees on Ivory Paper
Other: Glass Terrarium, Flowers

Trim a long strand of Sisal Rope and fray all the strands to get lots of textures string pieces. Form these into a messy ball and place them inside the glass terrarium. Layer the Lime Green Burlap Flower on top of the frayed strings of Sisal Rope.

Cut out the gorgeous butterfly image from the Spring Showers Printed Canvas Sheet and slightly fray its edges. Adhere this on top of the Lime Green Burlap Flower. Adhere a cluster of flowers at the lower left part of the terrarium, topping it with the nest fussy cut word from The Watering Can paper.


Deconstruct the Natural Burlap Flower and adhere this under the terrarium, positioned just behind the flower cluster. Fray some of the edges, leaving a few bits dangling at the bottom of the terrarium. I addition, fray  a few more strings from another short piece of sisal rope and adhere these just under the Natural Burlap Flowers. Finally, fray a few more string from another short piece of sisal rope and adhere these just under the Natural Burlap Flowers.

Please visit Christine’s blog to see more of her work!

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  1. March 8, 2017 @ 7:56 pm iris

    Such a sweet piece. Looks so nice and airy.


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